For those who haven't heard, New York can be expensive. However, for those who aren't Wall Street giants or part of the Manhattan glitterati there is still plenty to do there without breaking the bank. This sprawling metropolis has its bargains - you just need to know where to look. Here are some of our favourites...

Cheap Eats

new york hot Tyler ConklinWhile those on a budget will miss out on the culinary creations of world famous chefs, they won't be missing out on diverse foods from around the world. From noodle shacks and gyros to tacos, dumplings, sandwiches and crepes, there is no shortage of food carts or hole-in-the-wall shacks that serve up some of the best food from all over the world.

For those that have more in their wallet than a few dollars and want to sample some of the city’s fine dining scene, there is one deal that cannot be missed. Jean-Georges is one of the best restaurants in the New York, but a meal there can cost hundreds of dollars. However, their $38 price-fixed lunch menu is one of the best deals in the city. For those that can afford it, it is a can't-miss dining experience.

Cheap Broadway Tickets

broadway Wickes

Tickets to Broadway performances have seen a drastic rise over the years, so much so that they are bank breakers for the average Joe. However, there is a way to get some cheap seats to some of best theatre performances in the world, and no, they don't come from scalpers.

Visitors who go to the TKTS booth in Times Square can get heavily discounted tickets to some of the hottest shows. You can get discounts as high as 50 percent off same-day performances. With Broadway tickets costing about $120 for the best seats in the house, half off is a fine deal, but for those that want to save a few extra dollars, they can get less desirable seats even cheaper.

Coney Island

coney Jagendorf

A few dollars for a ride here or a game there at Coney Island can really add up if visitors aren't careful - but it is free just to roam around. Visitors can walk the boardwalk and watch some of the interesting characters in the city or look out over the water from the edges of the park. However, there is one interesting event that happens on Coney Island aside for all the fair fun: dance parties. There are a series of dance parties that spin up on the boardwalk with veteran DJs spinning up house, disco, reggae and Latin rhythms. As the music gets louder, the dancers begin to gather.

Central Park

central 何塞埃利亚斯 (何塞·克鲁兹)

This National Historic Landmark is the most visited urban park in the United States. Like all good parks, a visit to Central Park is free of charge. Even though Central Park is located in the middle of a concrete jungle, it has been beautifully maintained. Curious visitors can walk over rustic wooden bridges and view serene little ponds and streams in the wilderness. However, visitors should probably not linger too long in Central Park after dark.

Staten Island Ferry

staten m01229

New York City has a unique way of tricking visitors into thinking a trip to the Statue of Liberty is a cheap affair. A visit to the pedestal of the beloved American landmark is free of charge and a visit into Lady Liberty's crown is only $3. However, it is the ferry ride over that leaves the wallet aching and tricks visitors. It costs $18 for an adult ticket, but there is no other, cheaper way onto the island.

However, seeing the Statue of Liberty up close isn't as exciting as people think. Instead, there is a more affordable and better option to see the Lady. The Staten Island Ferry is a grand old boat that runs from Battery Park to Staten Island in just 30 minutes. It's not fancy, but it provides awesome views of Lower Manhattan, the Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island and the New York Harbour for free. This ferry runs 24 hours a day so visitors can ride it as much as they like to see the sights by day or by night.

Tour the New York Public Library

public Mike Licht

New York Public Library was created in 1895 by combining the collections of the Astor and Lenox Libraries that were near bankruptcy. The library was also granted a $2.4 million dollar trust from Samuel J Tilden in the hopes to "establish and maintain a free library and reading room in the city of New York". Throughout the years, this library has grown to gigantic proportions, even going so far as to be housed in the Beaux-Arts marvel that is also the largest marble building in the United States.

Not only is the library free, but it offers free tours around as well. During these daily tours, visitors are given the extensive history and information on the structure and shown the gems of the library, which include the Astor Hall, the Gutenberg Bible, the Rose Reading Room and the McGraw Rotunda.

Walk the High Line

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What do you do with a defunct above-ground rail line in Manhattan? Turn it into a peaceful stroll surrounded by gardens, of course.

The High Line used to run from West 30th Street all the way to Ganesvoort Street in the Meatpacking District. Walkers can now follow the route and walk through Hell's Kitchen and West Chelsea and into the Meatpacking District - all the while walking past beautifully manicured gardens and art installations. There are also incredible views of the city and its architecture.