meatpacking Susan Sermoneta

New York City is at its most glorious in the Meatpacking District. The area, which runs from Gansevoort Street to West 14th street, represents the stylish side of NYC. The high-heeled fashionistas strut along cobblestone streets in between some of the hottest luxury retailers, and as night falls, the residents of the city flock to some of the city's hottest nightclubs and lounges. In fact, if there is any club or lounge worth visiting in New York City, it most likely lies in the Meatpacking District. So, where do the truly stylish hang out in this popular section of New York City?

Plunge Bar and Lounge

Perched on the Hotel Gansevoort rooftop, visitors to the Plunge Bar and Lounge don't have to be guests of the hotel to enjoy this slice of hot nightlife. The Plunge Bar boasts the best panoramic views of the New York City skyline and the Hudson River. Their scenic location on the Gansevoort rooftop sets the mood for those enjoying their unique cocktails, American bistro-style cuisine and late night entertainment. The sprawling indoor loft, state of the art DJ booth, wrap-around balconies and cabana are only enhanced by the ultra modern design and architecture. Of course, the Plunge's claim to fame is their massive outdoor rooftop pool that offers up spectacular sunset views – however, it is off-limits to non-hotel guests. Regardless, this hot rooftop lounge will offer some truly unforgettable memories of the city for party-minded visitors and hotel patrons alike.

Top of the Standard

The Top of the Standard or as it is better known, the Boom Boom Room, is one of the most exclusive bars in New York City. It isn't some grungy nightclub like visitors may find in other parts of the city; the main room is elegant with a classic look that features cream leather couches and beautiful glass chandeliers. The crowd that hangs out that this exclusive bar is extremely upscale, so visitors will want to look nice if they want any shot at getting in. Although this club is notorious for attracting celebrities and all the hottest personalities in the city, it has a laid back atmosphere and is a frequent host to the hottest musical talent. For those that do manage to get into this exclusive club, be sure to check out the rooftop terrace that features views of New Jersey and all of New York City.


For those looking to do a little dancing – but also want something a little more high-end, Tenjune has that covered. This high-end dance club prides itself on not just the quality of its club but the quality of its patrons. Guys will be expected to have the right look (which is all kind of relative) as well as have a few girls on their arm, if they want to get in. However, once this club gets going around midnight, it is a living, breathing representation of hedonism. Excellent bar service, deafening tunes, a large dance floor and a luxurious VIP room all make Tenjune worth the wait to get in. Frequent club goers find their four monstrous subwoofers and dance floor speakers to be a huge selling point. The drink prices at Tenjune are high, but if you have the money to throw around on drinks at a non-bar or lounge, then consider bottle service. Tenjune frequently promotes their bottle service and VIP tables as the main attraction of their club and runs specials on them every so often.


1 OAK, or One of a Kind, truly lives up to its unique name. This happening club looks, at first, as if it is a high-end bar with its plush leather couches across the mesmerizing black-and-white zig-zag tile floor. It is given an air of intimacy and romance by only being lit with dim, flickering candlelight. However, they don't specialize in classy drinks, but rather zesty margaritas reminiscent of south of the border. Over the speakers they play loud house or hip-hop music to entice the bar's loyal patrons onto the dance floor. None of it makes sense, 1 OAK doesn't have a theme, but it is the lack of theme that gives it a personality all its own. It is One of a Kind in name and in style. Compared to the other bars in New York City that specialize in symmetry between their decor, music and drinks, 1 OAK is a piece of unique art.

Le Bain

Le Bain is easily the most popular club in the Meatpacking District, especially in the summer time. The club is full of luxuries that even frequent nightclub patrons won't be used to seeing, like their giant indoor hot tub, rooftop crepe stand or the strange chirpy bird soundtrack in the bathroom. Unlike many of the nightclubs in New York City, Le Bain is huge. Usually nightclubs are built small so they can operate through exclusivity, but Le Bain gets so many people, it needs to be big. Due to its large size, it's actually not too hard to get inside, meaning that visitors to New York City actually stand a good chance. That being said, it is not the typical 'Models and Bottles' club, but rather, it is a frequent hang out for downtown hipsters and foreign tourists.