Tint Piccreativecommons.org/The Big Shizzle

Tint is a unique new Facebook app with a simple goal: to let people mingle with the friends of their Facebook friends.

The Tint app was created by four avid French couch-surfers who also happily had backgrounds in engineering. Their idea was brought to life through their hard work and distributed through Facebook –all free of charge so that people around the world can connect on a reliable and safe platform.

This is not the first travel app that lets travellers mingle with each other, however it is the first travel app that lets travellers mingle in safety.

What sets Tint apart from other travel apps is that users are not chatting with complete strangers who could have any sort of dubious motives. The people you meet on Tint are people that have connections to your Facebook friends – people that you know are who they say they are.

Tint helps create a unique circle of trust by only allowing you to connect to friends of your Facebook friends. As you turn those people into Facebook friends, then you can branch out into their friends list. The more friends you make, the more your circle of local ‘friends’ expands.  

 Locals know all the best places to eat and have fun, they know all the must-see hotspots, and most importantly, all the best places that you wouldn't find in any guidebook. Tint makes it possible for travellers to meet local hosts in other countries they’re visiting.