With the hottest summers and the sunniest winters out of any province in Canada, it's only natural that New Brunswick would be the ideal destination to hit up the beaches. With stunning scenery and long stretches of sand beach, paired with the warmest waters north of the Carolinas, New Brunswick provides a few select beach-side pleasures for vacationers that don't want to wander too far from home. For those looking for the perfect beach vacation, here are five beaches that New Brunswick visitors should plan a visit to.

Parlee Beach

Parlee Beach New Brunswick
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Parlee Beach of the eponymous Parlee Beach Provincial Park is often touted as one of the best beaches in New Brunswick and a constant frontrunner among the best beaches in all of Canada. Why? Parlee Beach has a little something for everyone. It is, of course, famous for its beautiful clean golden sand and warm waters that even the fussiest visitors will enjoy, but the beach goes the extra mile by scheduling daily sporting events and having all the amenities of civilization without ruining the great outdoors. Within two kilometres of the beach, visitors can find restaurants, B&B's and even the world's largest lobster sculpture. For those that want a more traditional beach experience roughing it in the great outdoors, Parlee Beach also has an adjoining campground. It is not right up on the sand, but it does still treat campers to the fresh sea air wafting in off the Northumberland Strait.


Murray Beach

Murray Beach New Brunswick
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Murray Beach is dubbed one of New Brunswick's best kept secrets. Other more popular beaches like Parlee Beach are beautiful, but always crowded during the peak season. As few know about Murray Beach hidden on the coast of Little Shemogue, the crowds stay down and the beach opens up. Murray Beach offers up warm water, a white sand shore and breath-taking views. On New Brunswick's warmest day, visitors may very well feel as though they are on that Caribbean beach of their dreams. Avid campers can take full advantage of the awesome seaside campsites right up by the water, but for those who aren't the tenting type, there are a few cabins they can rent up on the bluffs. For those that love long walks on the beach, there are nearby lighthouses and covered bridges that make the surrounding landscape a photographers dream, especially during the magic hours at sunrise and sunset.


Indian Point Beach

At high tide, Indian Point Beach is just about the same as any beach. However, what makes the hour's drive from Saint John out to Indian Point worth it is the wonders that await off shore. At low tide, Indian Point Beach is a fantastic place to get up close and personal with the local sea life as it gets trapped in rocky tide pools. Visitors can spot oysters, sponges, sea anemones and even the unlucky fish at times. A number of visitors come to Indian Point to camp on the sand and cook all the edible wonders they find in the tide pools up over roaring campfires. For those who need more activity than shucking oysters, the nearby town of St. Andrews offers an impressive amount of recreational activities both on and off the beach as well as a world class golf course.

Aboiteau Beach

Aboiteau Beach
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Located right in the heart of beautiful Acadia, Aboiteau Beach punctuates the rich coastal forests with its 5 kilometres of sandy shoreline. The boardwalk off the sand provides a slew of shops, restaurants and playgrounds that make the beach even more fun for the whole family. After a day of strolling down the shore, nothing beats a seafood dinner with a water view before retiring to one of the elegant modern chalets that sit just off the sand. As Aboiteau Beach is surrounded by lush forests as well as backed by marshland and dunes, it provides the perfect ecosystem for a number of waterfowl and shorebirds. Visitors can spot royal terns, whip-poor-wills, sandpipers as well at least a dozen different breeds of seagull that terrorize the coast looking for errant French fries or watermelon bits left unattended by beach goers. The sheer number of birds that live just off the sand make it a haven for bird watchers that also want a chance to relax on the sand in between keeping their eyes to the sky.


Anchorage Beach

Anchorage Beach New Brunswick
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One short ferry crossing from Blacks Harbour will take visitors to Grand Manan Island that is famous for Anchorage Beach. While the occasional sunbather and leisurely swimmer will dot the shore, Anchorage Beach is more for the outdoor adventurer. Visitors come by the thousands to kayak and canoe the waters off of Anchorage to enjoy the Bay of Fundy scenery. Anchorage Beach is one of the few New Brunswick beaches that is usually too cold for swimming, but it provides an excellent place for water spots as well as to sit and read on a beautiful day. Across the sandy beach, birdwatchers can also enjoy the Grand Manan Bird Sanctuary on the eastern end.

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