The massive metropolis of Mumbai is the largest city in India. It can sometimes be chaotic, with scooters and taxi cabs weaving through the traffic-packed streets and people filling the narrow sidewalks. It can be sometimes be overwhelming if you try to explore the metropolis on your own. Luckily, there are more than a few apps to help navigate the intricate and chaotic city that is Mumbai...


With its packed streets, you might have a hard time believing that the underground train system is Mumbai's most popular mode of transportation. M-Indicator shows all the underground train routes around Mumbai, keeps accurate train time tables and show the current fares. The app also shows bus stops and routes near the train station, and it keeps track of current taxi and rickshaw fares so that travellers can get to their destination in the easiest way possible. It even allows users to rename bus and train stops so that users can always remember them. The app works offline so users do not have to watch their data or worry about roaming fees. It is free for iPhone and Android users. I

Mumbai Night Life

Leopold Cafe

When this massive metropolis begins to light up at night, it is time for visitors and locals alike to find a party. There are thousands of bars and night clubs in the city. From glitzy clubs full of foreign businessmen inside the glowing skyscrapers, to the little hole-in-the-wall shanty houses that serve up cheap booze and great local hospitality – the Mumbai Night Life app rates them all.

The various bars and nightclubs are rated and commented on by app users, most of whom are Mumbai locals that use this app to keep on top of the party scene. By utilizing the GPS function of smart phones, the app can find club locations around the city or near the user’s location. This app is updated daily of current events that are happening at night around the city. It is available for iPhone and Android devices free of charge.


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Meter Down Mumbai

Tuk tuk

As driving in the city can be pretty hazardous for visitors – as local Mumbai drivers play a bit fast and loose with traffic laws – those who need to get around the city often take taxis. However, unfortunately Mumbai has some of the most fluctuating taxi fare fees in the world. As the cabs do not measure fares with a number system, it is near impossible to know if your cabbie is charging you actual taxi fare or a little bit extra that they can pocket on the side. This is where Meter Down Mumbai comes in handy.

This nifty little app keeps track of current taxi and rickshaw fares within Mumbai. It then translates the number that is used to keep track of fares and translates it into Dollars, Euros, or Rupees. There are more than a few dishonest cabbies out there, so Meter Down Mumbai is a must for locals and visitors who intend on making full use of the city's taxi system.

This app is available for free for iPhone and Android phones. While there of plenty nice, honest taxi drivers in Mumbai, there will always be a few who try to scam visitors out of money. Mumbai locals know this all too well, which has made Meter Down Mumbai the most popular app in the city.

Live & When

Live and When is an app that keeps up to date listings of live performances in Mumbai. This includes live concerts by some of the world's biggest bands, comedy shows, gigs, operas and plays. Every event is linked to the event website so users can validate the authenticity of it and e-mail event information to friends. For those that don't have a particular preference for what for their live event genre is, the app also hold a general event calendar that lists everything going on for a particular night. As the app is updated daily, those with lesser data plans should be careful of roaming charges while away from a hotspot. This handy app is available for iPhone and Android devices for free.

Mumbai City Guide

The Mumbai City Guide app is packed full of insider tips from those in the know. Free for all iPhone and Android phones, it is dedicated to helping visitors who want to experience the real Mumbai and skip all those tourist traps. With a map that is available offline, visitors can find the best attractions without having to worry about their data plans. However, for those that do connect to a network, they can share, rate and comment on locations with other app users. This app can also work in conjunction with M-Indicator to plot the fastest routes by public transit.



While many of the other great travel apps in Mumbai will direct people to great restaurants around town, Eattr is dedicated strictly to foodies. Users can find the best local non-chain restaurants and have them paired with authentic reviews and ratings from other foodies. The great part of Eattr is that it not only compiles menus from restaurants – it allows users to rate specific dishes. This way, users not only know the best restaurants; they also know what dishes are highly recommended.

Eattr comes with a massive list of 32,000 restaurants in nine other cities in India aside from Mumbai, including Delhi, Bangalore, Kolkata, Pune, Chennai, Hyderabad, Jaipur, Ahmedabad and Chanfigarh. For foodies on a budget, Eattr allows for them to not just choose from cuisine type, but from price range as well. It is available for iPhone and Android devices for free.

Mumbai Walks
Flowers Mumbai

For those who don't mind the crowded sidewalks, walking through Mumbai is a great way to see the city. There are some beautiful districts, parks and museums around the city that can really only be enjoyed on foot. The Mumbai Walks app not only gives users multiple routes around the city to view it at its best, but it also provides audio guides that treat users to the city’s historical background.

Mumbai Walks is also a functional map of the city, so those who get lost easily should consider getting this app for their Android or iPhone, especially as it is free. The app has seven different routes including: The Mumbai Sightseeing Tour, Museums and Art Galleries, Mumbai's Art District, Places of Worship, Nightlife Walking Tour, Malabar Hill Walking Tour, and Mumbai Shopping Tour. Routes are clearly displayed and all audio guides come in English, French, Spanish and German. For those who have a bit of time that they want to spend seeing the city, there is no other way to do it.