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From transit and food to zoos and celebrities, here are the hottest apps to help you navigate one of Florida’s hottest cities...

Miami & Beaches App


The Miami and Beaches app lacks an inventive name, but it provides everything visitors need to know about the city. With its "Around me now" feature the Miami and Beaches app provides extensive information on nearby lodging and dining options. This option uses a GPS to list all the nearby attractions, but users can also search various selected locations. One nice feature is a calendar of events, so users will always know what is going on in the city. The best part of the Miami and Beaches is that it is free for both iPhone and Android devices.

Miami Cheap Eats & Street Food


Food-lovers always love a cheap price tag, so that makes this one of the best apps to have on a visit to Miami. The most helpful feature of the app is its directory of over 150 different lesser-known spots that serve up tasty and affordable treats. The app specializes in ethnic and international snack fare, including Cuban food, as the city has had such a large Cuba influence. As Miami has fully embraced the trend of food trucks, this app keeps track of where each truck will be each day. This means that the app needs to have a network connection to function, so those with limited data plans should be weary of roaming charges. The Miami Cheap Eats and Street Food app is available for iPhone and Android phones for just $1.99.

Miami-Dade Transit Tracker

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With this application, users have accurate, real-time information on public transportation systems in the Great Miami area. It maps both bus and train routes around the city, and its train and bus trackers make sure that users never miss their next ride. Users can store their favourite stops and have real-time information on their locations, as well as be alerted whether it is delayed. It allows visitors to plan their trips over a series of hours or weeks. It also uses GPS to find nearby bus and train stations and shows where visitors can purchase long term or short term EASY cards.

In the event of a hurricane, the app also shows hurricane evacuation routes, which is helpful for visitors and locals alike. The app is available to iPhone and Android users for free.

Zoo Miami


Long gone are the days of just wandering aimlessly around the zoo, with the Zoo Miami app users can plot an itinerary and receive custom information. This app utilizes GPS to help locate all the exhibits, concessions and restrooms. It also comes with a FriendFinder function that easily tracks friends and family members anywhere in the zoo. It is available for free on iPhone and Android phones.

Miami Travel


Miami Travel is an all-around tourist app that offers information on attractions, local restaurants and accommodations. This tourist tool also provides news on local attractions and festivals. The app is separated into a variety of different topics like Best of Miami, Miami on a Budget, Miami with Kids and Weddings in Miami. The app showcases all the best things to do in the city for just $1.99 for iPhone and Android devices.

Miami Map & Walks


For those that want to walk through the city with the warm sun on their backs, there is an app that not only details some of the best walks in the city, but provides an audio tour to accompany them. The walking tours include the Art Deco Tour, North Miami Attractions, Places to See at Miami Beach, Coconut Grove, City Orientation Tour, Miami Shopping and Architectural Landmarks. The navigation feature maps the routes and tracked by the phone's GPS, an audio description of the sites is provided. It also serves as a functioning map that shows nearby hotels, restaurants and other points of interest. The Lite version is available for free for all iPhone and Android devices, however if you purchase the full version for $2.99, you will have access to several more walking tours and detailed reviews of each location within the Miami map.

Miami Nightlife

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With so many great clubs there is a need for an app to help navigate Miami’s colourful nightlife. The Miami Nightlife is the best app to use if you’re looking to party. This app allows users to rate and review different nightclubs. As Miami is a hotspot for so many celebrities, this app also has a star-spotter. App users can spot celebrities at the club then report it on the app – and following the stars certainly makes for a fun night in the heat of the city!