Mexico is North America's playground when it comes to warm sun, beautiful surf and luxury resorts that cater to every need. Nothing is more synonymous with the luxe life than a quality pool and with every resort and hotel trying to outdo one another with their luxury amenities; Mexico has attracted some of the biggest and best pools in the world. For those looking for a fun and beautiful pool to cool off from the hot Mexican sun, why not get these watery reprieves a try?


Rosewood Hotel in Mayakoba

Though every suite on this wonderful Yucatan Peninsula located hotel has its very own pool, there are also several shared pools throughout the resort area. The best of these shared pools unsurprisingly finds itself right by the spa. The spa pool is actually not so much a man made pool as it is a natural wonder shaped by man. The pool is actually fed by an underground waterway - a cenote - that provides the pool with fresh, crystal clear water that is naturally heated by the sun to be the perfect mix of not-too-frigid and refreshing. Surrounding the natural pool is a lush garden terrace and a private spa treatment area for those that don't want to rub elbows with the other guests on the hotel's "spa island".


Grand Oasis in Cancun

Grand Oasis

With a name like "Grand Oasis," one should expect that this Cancun resort should have some serious pool action. If the name isn't suggestion enough, this luxury resort has earned the reputation as Cancun's entertainment-filled vacation getaway. The Grand Oasis Resort has the longest pool out of any hotel in Mexico. 

Grand Oasis Pool Cancun

The lagoon-style pool area winds through the vast resort property like a water snake, featuring three swim up bars in its tropical garden surroundings. The different sides of the pool area are thankfully connected by various bridges so visitors won't have to walk around or swim across if they don't want to. With all of these different factors combined, it creates an absolutely inviting oasis that lives up to the resort's grand name.


Esperanza in Los Cabos

Esperanza in Los Cabos

The chic Esperanza Resort is one of the most indulgent pool experiences that one will find south of the border. There are a number of pools within the area, but the most decadent is the dark, almost inky coloured rectangular pool at the pinnacle of the resort area. This pool sits cliffside overlooking the waters of the Pacific crashing on the rocks below. 


Esperanza Los Cabos

Of course, before visitors can even reach the water, the waiter at the entrance will be sure to set visitors up with lounge chairs of their choice, towels and a ice bucket full of cool bottled water, cooling mist spray and chilled cloths soaked in the resort's signature lime fragrance. Before visitors plunge in, they can place a food or drink order and have it awaiting them by the time they've had their fill in the pool.


El Tamarindo in Costa Careyes

El Tamarindo Costa Careyes

For those looking for a more natural pool experience, they are going to have a bit of a hard time finding it among Mexico's uber-developed resorts. One haven is the unplugged El Tamarindo resort that sits in the middle of oceanfront wildlife preservation and provides the pinnacle of natural beauty. Certainly visitors can go out and tour the estuary, but the pool's jungle setting makes for a more relaxing and luxurious spot for guests to sit and watch rare birds and native Mexican wildlife. Even just getting to the pool area feels like a jungle expedition as visitors walk across natural bridges and hike through the lush and verdant property that has melded with the jungle itself. During the day, the pool area is lively, but when it settles at night, it makes for a romantic escape for couples, being lit up by candles, lanterns and tiki torches.


Barcelo Maya Palace in Riviera Maya

Barcelo maya palace riviera

If size matters when it comes to your choice of pool, then the massive pool complex in Riviera Maya's Barcelo Maya Palace Resort is, without a doubt, sure to please. Their main pool is the size of a small lake located right down by the beach. The main pool features a swim up bar, several different waterfalls that measure from trickling little water jets to true power washing size falls. 

Barcelo Maya Riviera pool

For the kids, there is a zero depth entry area while the adults are treated to a giant whirlpool island in the middle of the pool that hosts a 50-person capacity. Surrounding this massive main pool is a lap pool for those that only came for the exercise, a games pool for the serious Marco Polo addict, and a water park for those that need a little bit more adventure. All of this is surrounded with hundreds of lounge chairs and cocktail bars to assure that each and every visitor that visits this beating heart in the resort is well taken care of.


Sole de Oriente

sole de oriente


If you want a bird's eye view from your pool look to neighbouring Sole de Oriente of the 'lifestyle community', Costa Careyes. Perched on a forested outcrop, it could easily be the private hideout of a Bond villain. These panoramic views can be yours for a cool $9,000 per night. 


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