As a tropical country, Malaysia offers perfect weather all year round. With beautiful beaches, crystal clear water and exotic rainforests surrounding it's luxurious and modern cities, Malaysia has become a popular honeymoon destination in recent years. However, Malaysia isn't just fun for newlyweds; the country is the perfect place to nourish love both old and new. Malaysia is a country of adventure where couples can find not only endless exciting activity, but endless little corners to enjoy the peace and quiet of a beautiful landscape.

The Perhentian Islands


The Perhentian Islands are located off the northeastern coast of peninsular Malaysia; it is renowned for its natural beauty. Separated into a large island and a big island, the big island, Besar, has several developed resorts that attract thousands of couples and vacationers while the small island, Kecil, is more wild and rugged. As such, the two islands could not be more different, but because they are both so close together, the Perhentian Islands as a whole are able to deliver any and every kind of vacation experience. Visitors can get the structured luxury resort vacation of their dreams on Besar while Kecil offers a vibrant party scene for the backpackers that frequently visit and a slice of pristine wilderness to explore. Both islands offer beautiful beachfront and each has their small, secluded beaches that are perfect for a private escape.

Gaya Island


Gaya Island is one of the five tropical islands that make up the Tunku Abdul Rahman National Park just off the coast of the Malaysian Borneo. While the other tropical islands are rugged and undeveloped, Gaya Island is home to the luxurious Gaya Island Resort. The low-impact resort blends seamlessly with the preserved wilderness that gives the whole area a certain beauty. The villas of the resort are built out over the water, sandwiched between a sun-kissed white sand beach on one side and a beautiful coral reef on the other. From the door step of their villa, visitors can hop into the warm ocean water to swim or snorkel at their leisure. With untouched rainforest to explore further inland and a beautiful resort on the shore, no one could want for a more luxurious and romantic spot.

The Cameron Highlands

cameron highlands

Malaysia is famous for its beachfront and its rainforest. As such, very few people ever bother to travel very far into Malaysia's interior. However, they are missing out on the country's beautiful Cameron Highlands. The undulating landscape of the Cameron Highlands is home to a number of picturesque tea and berry farms that present unparalleled scenery. Although it has the same tropical climate as the rest of the country, the high hills are breezy and often cooler than the rest of the country. There are small secluded resorts that the locals use to escape the heat of the coast, but visitors will find the area ideal for a quiet and romantic vacation. The quaint villages offer an honest look at the true Malaysia while the farms create unique designs over the green rolling hills.



For couples hunting after Malaysia's famously rowdy nightlife but don't want the bustling city surroundings of Kuala Lumpur, the island of Langkawi is the perfect romantic vacation destination. The pristine natural beauty and the friendly locals are reason enough to go enjoy the dusk till dawn parties on the islands, but Langkawi is renowned for its eclectic duty free shopping where visitors can buy their loved ones some seriously expensive gifts at still pocket-friendly prices. During the day, the beaches are beloved by sunbathers, but they turn into the heart of the impromptu parties once the sun goes down. Couples who are looking for more activity will find it at Langkawi's Pulau Payar Marine Park that offers snorkel and kayak rentals as well as some beautiful scenery above and below the water.



Penang is one of the easiest romantic escapes in Malaysia. This island is connected to the mainland by a long bridge that is just as easy to walk over as it is to drive on. Its aim has been to cultivate Malaysia's natural beauty into a concentrated area for visitors who are short on time. One of the biggest attractions of Penang is the Penang Botanical Gardens that are better known as the Waterfall Gardens. After the botanical gardens were set up in 1884, they have collected a number of exhibits that demonstrate the natural splendor of Malaysia in 12 different sections. With beautiful black lilies, slipper orchids and serene sengkuang trees, visitors can enjoy tours of the well maintained gardens or wander at their leisure. Nearby, visitors can enjoy some of the local wildlife in Penang's Butterfly Gardens which aid in Penang's popularity as an excellent day trip or date spot for Malay locals and visitors alike.