In Las Vegas some hotels have a firm in the pool area so adults can drink and tan in peace. Here are a few of our favourite pools that welcome the wee ones with open arms...


The Excalibur hotel is easily the most popular location for families to stay and play. With its affordable rooms, many think that its pool is going to be lackluster for the price. However, that is not the case. In fact, the pool is considered to be the main attraction for many visitors, aside from the fun medieval themed decor. The massive pool is equipped with waterfalls and waterslides for the young and young at heart to enjoy. For the teen that is more obsessed with technology rather than good old fashioned fun, the pool is conveniently located right by the hotel arcade. For the adults who tire out long before their children, there is a poolside bar and spa to kick back while the young ones burn off some energy.

MGM Grand

While less affordable than the Excalibur, the MGM Grand is still fairly in the price range of most families. However, if you are just bringing little ones to Las Vegas, you may want to consider a smaller hotel as its sheer size makes walking between the rooms and the pool a bit of a hike. However, the MGM Grand has an amazing pool. Its lazy river draws in a lot of families who make an awesome pool a priority on the things they want from a hotel. The lazy river is fun, but it is a little less lazy than it probably should be. For those who love excitement, the fast moving waters are quite the thrill, plus it is surprisingly long.

Aside from the lazy river, there are five various swimming pools, three whirlpools, a fountain and a slew of waterfalls. The pool area is so large, families will easily be entertained for their whole visit. There is also a rental area for pool toys, boogie boards, rafts and other such things to keep both kids and adults entertained.

Mandalay Bay

Mandalay Bay might be out of the price range for some families, but the extra cost shows in the adventure that is its pool area. Guests can float along the lazy river (which is much lazier than MGM's), choose from multiple but equally impressive pools, challenge the wave pool or just relax on the hotel's massive white sand beach. With the sandy beach and the crystal clear water in the massive pools surrounded by palm trees, guests may just forget that they are in the desert hundreds of miles away from the nearest ocean.

Monte Carlo

The Monte Carlo is affordable and has a great pool area. It hosts a wave pool and lazy river, but they are both smaller compared to some of the other great kid friendly pools in Vegas. The downside to the Monte Carlo is actually its own popularity with families. The pool area is always teeming with kids and their parents. However, for those with social children there is no shortage of new people to meet. For those that get to the pool during the off-hours, drifting down the normally-crowded lazy river alone is a soothing experience.


The Flamingo's pool area has a lot to offer both kids and adults. Its pool area has many twists and turns with a variety of fun areas to discover. While the kids take advantage of the five unique waterslides hidden throughout the area, adults can get out of the sun in the romantic grotto. The grotto is hidden under a rock alcove with the only entrances covered by large waterfalls. It is often one of the more scarcely populated pools even on the hottest of days.

Golden Nugget

The Golden Nugget is off the strip, but it has what is probably the most notorious pool in Las Vegas. The pool area has all the normal things one would expect from a great pool – wave pools, lazy rivers, waterfalls and water slides. However, its claim to fame is their water slide called "The Tank". This massive three-story water slide is enough to attract hordes of visitors each day. The massive slide takes guests through the centre of a shark tank. Of course, guests are protected from the ocean's greatest predators, but zipping past them is enough to make both children and their parents want to ride the slide over and over again.


Bally's Blu Pool is the perfect place to lose track of the day. While the kids are enjoying some poolside fun with free toys, parents are waited on hand and foot by poolside servers. While the Blue Pool doesn't have all the bells and whistles of the other kid-friendly pools in Vegas, it makes up for it with great amenities. The pool is located right by the arcade and every day there’s a poolside DJ. For families who need a space of their own, cabanas are available for rental that come equipped with all the luxuries of a hotel room.

Caesar's Palace

The Garden of the Gods Pool Oasis is the elegantly-named pool area of Caesar's Palace. It may sound sexy and therefore not great for kids, however it is quite a lot of fun for the whole family. The Pool Oasis is made up of five different pools – the Fortuna Pool, Jupiter Pool, Neptune Pool, Temple Pool and Venus Pool. Children are welcomed in every pool area except the Fortuna Pool where adults indulge in swim-up Blackjack and sophisticated scotch tasting. The other pools are set up with attractions based on their names. The Temple Pool is more of a sunbathing place, while the Neptune Pool is full raucous waves and those ready to challenge them with boogie boards.