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A few years ago, who could have believed that some of the most popular reality television stars hail from a little, backwater city in the south? Love them or hate them, you’ve got to admit that the folks of Duck Dynasty have some great adventures. Now you can visit some of their favourite haunts and see the places they frequent in their home town of West Monroe, Louisiana.

Excalibur Family Fun Center, 455 Cheniere Drew Road

Stop in for the best pizza in town and spend some time playing – just as Si would. This is an inexpensive way to spend a few hours climbing, driving go-carts, playing putt-putt golf, or challenging your aiming skills with skeeball and whack-a-mole. duck 2

Landry Vineyards, 5699 New Natchitoches Road

This is a delightful family-owned vineyard that grows and bottles its own wine. Visit with the Landry family at a wine tasting and ask how the day with Willie went. Saturday afternoon concerts and tractor tours of the vineyard are fun ways to spend the day if you aren’t a wine-drinker.

Twin City Pawn Shop, 400 New Natchitoches Road

This is the place to fix or replace anything – at least according to Uncle Si. You may not be able to play with everything in the shop the way Si did, but digging around the shelves is still a bit like a treasure hunt.

Pepper’s Christmas Tree Farm, 2181 Hwy 557

Sometimes to get the best Christmas tree “ya gotta do it the yuppie way”, at least according to Miss Kay. Although the Pepper family don’t really see themselves as yuppies, they do take pride in providing excellent Christmas trees.

duck Farm

Duck Commander Warehouse and Store, 117 Kings Lane

This is where most of the action in the show takes place and if you’re a fan you’ll enjoy the déjà vu feeling of walking into a place you almost know. Pick up some of the cool merchandise to take home and don’t forget to get a picture in front of that famous sign.

Haskell’s Donuts, 415 Thomas Road

Just down the road from the store you can stop in to get one a donut. Bring some friends and have a donut eating competition the way the guys on Duck Dynasty did, or maybe just take a couple dozen home with you to share.

Tom Sanders Building Mart, 431 Downing Pines

When planning a lawnmower race you’ll want to get your supplies ready there. The hardware store has been a local favourite for years and sells everything from wood cutting equipment to fishing gear to, well, lawnmowers.

Ike Hamilton Expo Center, 501 Mane Street

And where else would you go to race your lawnmower but the Expo Center? Get a picture with Ike’s statue and stick around for a livestock show or other event.

Debbie’s Snowballs, 4000 Cypress Street

When it’s hot in Monroe, it’s really hot. Step in to Debbie’s and you’ll see why the guys choose this as one of their favourite cool-down spots in the Louisiana heat.

Chef Eric Johnson, 222 Blanchard Street

Fortunately after her trial in the kitchen here, Miss Kay decided that opening a restaurant was not for her. Fortunately for you, Chef Eric is still serving up amazing Louisiana cuisine.

Corner Coffee House, 207 Blanchard Street

Coffee, espresso, scones, muffins and cookies – you’ll find them all there when you stop in to order Jase’s “strong” cup of coffee. Those four double shots of espresso should keep you going for quite a while.

West Monroe Police Department, 2301 North 7th Street

You can’t ride along on the police rounds, but you can check out the station where Willie and Si were honorary policemen for the day. This is Louisiana’s first nationally-accredited police agency, and they take their jobs quite seriously. Be good while you’re in town.

White’s Ferry Road Church of Christ, 3201 North 7th Street

The Robertson family has grown up in this church and Alan was the preacher there until he left to help with the family business. You may be lucky enough to be there on Duck Commander Sunday when the entire family shows up in camouflage.

Masur Museum of Art, 1400 S. Grand Street

The changing exhibits at the museum weren’t enough to inspire Willie to change his career, but you may find the museum a quiet place to get out of the sunshine and see some fine art.

Greg’s Body Art Tattoo’s & Piercings, 606 Louisville Avenue

It may not qualify as “fine”, but there is art of a different type in Greg’s body shop. Maybe you’ll manage to get your sweetheart’s initials tattooed on your ring finger – or perhaps not.

Catfish Cabin, 1400 Louisville Avenue

The boys sold their Buffalo fish in front of the store, but you won’t find them on the menu. The Hearn family only sells fresh, farm-raised catfish cooked up in traditional Louisiana style.

Burney’s Trend House Furniture, 3111 Louisville Avenue

As Miss Kay discovered, Burney’s is a great place to browse for hours. Not only are the couches comfortable (and the mattresses, as Willie discovered), but there is a good selection of furniture to suit many decorating styles.

Blue Sky Yoga, 2252 Tower Drive

Willie went there thinking that yoga would be an easy way to lose weight and left having a lot more respect for the exercise. Try a class while you’re visiting and decide for yourself if Willie was right.

The Bridal Shop & King of Hearts, 1707 Hudson Lane

When Sadie needed a dress for homecoming, Uncle Si didn’t like the idea of sitting around while she tried on dresses. You won’t be allowed to play the way he did, but this is still the best place in town to shop for formal events.

Art Nails and Spa, 1850 Forsythe Avenue

Drop by for a nice mani and pedi while you contemplate the antics of the men in your life. Korie and Missy find that a day at the spa is just what they need to get away from their rowdy husbands.

Grassi’s Fine Jewelry, 2122 Forsythe Avenue

Go in for a simple wedding band and you may leave with much more – at least that’s what happened to Willie and Jase when their wives took them here to shop.

Sonny Panzico’s Garden Mart, 2108 Forsythe Avenue

Phil and Si didn’t find any grills they liked, but they did discover that Sonny’s has a huge selection of flowers and greenery.

Bayou Bowl, 100 Horseshoe Lake Road

Bowling with Mamaw Kay isn’t really what Sadie and John Luke planned when they headed to the Bayou Bowl, but that’s what they got - along with a lot of dating advice.

ULM Football Field-Malone Stadium, 308 Warhawk Way

Where else would you go to train for family football but the Warhawk’s football stadium? If you’re anything like Willie, you head for your alma mater’s football stadium.

Danken Trail, 7712 DeSiard Avenue

You have to have barbecue when in Louisiana. Willie and the guys are big fans of the tangy sauce and fried catfish the Danken Trail plates up and serves with a side of southern charm.

Twin City Motorsports Park, 3695 Prairie Road

They held a camo limousine race here – how can anyone top that? While you are unlikely to see the limo’s race, there are plenty of other events, including camo trucks and mud-racing weekends during the summer.

Dr Yeager’s Office, 3805 Cypress Street

Hopefully your eyesight hasn’t just lead you to eat raccoon poop the way Si’s did, but if you need to pick up a spare pair of glasses, Doc Yeager’s is the place to do it. It has a good selection of sunglasses also, to help tame that Louisiana brightness.