Desert Storm
EgyptWhile things Egyptian fascinated us long before that famous Egyptologist Howard Carter made his dramatic discovery of Tutankhamen’s intact tomb in 1922 his findings inspired designers of fashion and furniture, Hollywood movie makers, and authors. And the fascination continues.

Thousands of visitors arrive each year on pilgrimages to see the great pyramids, temples and other monuments. The country is a living museum, and it’s also so much more.

The mere mention of Egypt and the Nile evokes images of pyramids, great temples, and fantastic tales of mummies and treasure. Many iconic sights are found along the river, the world’s longest at 6,400 kilometres. It’s as much the lifeblood of today’s Egypt as it was centuries past. But the deserts and oases also have their attractions. And along the shores of the Red Sea and the Sinai Peninsula, you’ll find some pretty sophisticated resorts with nightclubs, spas, all the water sports you could wish for and beautiful sandy beaches.

Cairo’s historic quarters have for centuries have been home to Christian, Jewish, and Islamic populations. In fact some of Christianity’s earliest communities stem from Egypt and on Sinai at St. Catherine’s Monastery you’ll find the origins of monasticism. You can also hike up the mountain where, according to the Bible, Moses received the Ten Commandments.

In Cairo and Alexandria (the latter still bearing a French colonial flavour) you can enjoy the lively coffee shop culture, where the locals gather for animated conversation and to play backgammon or chess.

Just like any major modern city Cairo, Alexandria and Sinai offer a choice of nightlife, and restaurants run the gamut of tastes and tariffs.

A visit to Egypt can be an intense cultural experience. It can also be a fun time of sun-kissed activities embracing golf, fishing, sand surfing, diving and water sports, birding and lots more.

A Nile cruise between Luxor and Aswan or Abu Simbel at the top of Lake Nasser is the perfect addition to any Egyptian vacation. Or perhaps it will be the vacation in itself. If so, be prepared to return – there’s so much to see.