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It's fall, which can only mean one thing: Canadian fun-seekers are busy looking for corn mazes to get lost in! Here are 13 of our favourites…

1. The Milk Farm Maze

The Milk Farm Maze in Dixon, California, is a corn maze of Guinness World Record proportions. This maze took the title of World's Largest Corn Maze in 2009 at 18.2 hectares, and it has managed to keep the title by adding on a few hectares of maze each year. Currently, it stands at 21 hectares of confusing twists, turns and dead ends. It has grown so enormous that they have added a Starbucks in the middle of it – wow, they really are everywhere now – so that fun-seekers can keep their energy up as they try to find their way out.

2. The Great Vermont Corn Maze

In 2000, a third generation dairy farm in North Danville, Vermont, decided to start a corn maze. They started small with a simple design of crop circles, but now it has grown into a 4-hectare affair with a new Vermont-themed design each year. Each year the family adds a few new surprises to the maze, like a 10-metre underground tunnel or a nine-metre giant cabin cruiser that ‘sails’ over the field of corn. The Great Vermont Corn Maze is prized for its difficulty, so much so that it is recommended that only adults or kids and teens with adult supervision enter. Those who accept the challenge are asked to bring snacks and water.

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3. Sever's Corn Maze

Sever's Corn Maze in Shakopee, Minnesota, is celebrating its 18th year this year by creating a maze with a Minnesota theme. The giant 10.5-hectare maze is designed to look like the state of Minnesota. The challenge is not only to complete the maze, but to discover all 26 fun facts about farmer Sever Bunyan. After collecting all the facts and completing the maze, guests can submit their names for a grand prize draw.

4. Kraay Family Farms Corn Maze

Like the Milk Farm Maze in California, the Kraay Family Farms Corn Maze in Lacombe, Alberta, is a maze of Guinness World Record proportions. Last year the maze earned the record for creating the largest QR code within a corn maze. This three-hectare QR code within the six-hectare maze led tech-heads to the Kraay Family Farm website. Sadly, the QR code has not been recreated for 2013 – instead the farm has paired with Tour Alberta to create a business logo within this year’s maze.

5. Treinen Farm Corn Maze

The Treinen Farm Corn Maze is neither the biggest maze nor the oldest maze, but it is arguably the most beautiful. The family has run this farm and pumpkin patch since 1920 in Lodi, Wisconsin. However, it wasn't until 2012 when they set apart six hectares of their 81-hectare farm to create a corn maze. They didn't start small however, they started with a bang by creating a detailed and ornate maze of Icarus flying towards the sun. In 2013, they have continued to thrill with a detailed creation of a kraken in the sea — a sea of corn, that is. Not only is the maze a thrill to behold from an aerial view, but it is also a challenge down on the ground. It is comprised of 6.5 kilometres of twists and turns. Due to the complicated design, many people find themselves unable to complete it.

6. Connors Farm Haunted Corn Maze

The Connors Farm Haunted Corn Maze is a beloved fall attraction in Danvers, Massachusetts. The theme for 2012 was the Salem Witch Trials, while in 2010 it was Clint Eastwood. This year the maze theme is ‘Welcome to the Jungle’, with various jungle animals designed into the corn. The farms also host a slew of scary activities, including Zombie Safari paintball.

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7. Cherry Crest Adventure Farm Corn Maze

Spanning across two hectares and including four kilometers of twists and turns, the Cherry Crest Adventure Farm's Corn Maze may not be the biggest corn maze, but it is considered one of the most difficult. This maze in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, is in the heart of Pennsylvania Dutch country, and a full staff of ‘Maze Masters’ are on hand to help guests find their way out. theme for 2013 is ‘Sailing the High Seas’.

8. Queens Country Farm Museum Corn Maze

The Queens Country Farm Museum Corn Maze is a one-hectare maze in Floral Park, New York. However, don't let the size fool you – the designers have managed to pack hours of fun into the maze by making the paths smaller. For those who are not up to the challenge of solving the maze on their own, there are nine hidden mailboxes filled with clues and even a few corn-styled phones so you can call for help if needed.

9. Long and Scott Farms Corn Maze

Long and Scott Farms in Mt Dora, Florida, is especially impressive – considering that corn really isn't a crop that’s often found in Florida. This year, the farm is celebrating its 50th birthday by partnering with Second Harvest Food Bank to help fund the activities. Along with the traditional corn maze, the farm also offers hay rides, fishing and a giant children's play ground.

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10. Richardson Farms Corn Maze

Richardson Farms Corn Maze in Spring Grove, Illinois doesn't have just one – but four – different corn mazes spread across its 13 hectares of corn fields. These four corn mazes come complete with 24 hidden checkpoints and three wooden bridges. Guests can also observe other people trying to tackle the maze from a 15-metre observation tower, or cruise over the mazes on a 200-metre zip line.

11. Szalay Farms Corn Maze

The Szalay Farms Corn Maze in Peninsula, Ohio, is by far the simplest of the corn mazes presented – but its simplicity is what makes it so special. Within the maze, fun-seekers will find themed decorations and seven wooden pumpkins that can help them find their way out. Because of their farm’s unique location, guests are encouraged to bring their cameras to take pictures of the mazes from various high points located around the property.

12. Mike's Maze

Mike's Maze in Sunderland, Massachusetts, is as much a piece of art as it is a corn maze. Each year the crew creates a maze honouring prominent figures in history, such as Noah Webster, the first creator of the English dictionary, or naturalist Charles Darwin. This year’s maze is dedicated to the artist Salvador Dali. During the day it is simply a maze and a piece of artwork, but during the night it transforms into Mike's Mystery Maze, where guests armed with flashlights try to find their way out with the extra challenge of darkness.

13. Beans and Greens Corn Maze

The Beans and Greens Corn maze in Gilford, New Hampshire, refuses to release aerial photos of the maze until the end of the season, in order to create an added challenge when solving the maze. There are no hints and no clues – only people to come fish you out when you finally give up. The added challenge is that the maze grows and shrinks each year along with changing designs, so you can never be sure what you are getting yourself into.