The city of Las Vegas is ripe for the plunder when it comes to reality television. Whether it is reality television following the some of the city’s most interesting residents, or just a show stopping by for an episode or two of extreme partying, there are film sets for reality television all over Las Vegas. It is actually pretty difficult to find a place that hasn't be showcased on one television show or another...

Gold & Silver Pawn Shop, Pawn Stars

pawn Staubmuller

Pawn Stars is a Las Vegas based reality show has spawned several other reality show spin-offs around the city. The show chronicles the various activities of the family-owned Gold and Silver Pawn Shop. The store is open 24-hours a day and as Las Vegas is the city of dreams and poor gambling decisions, it gets quite a bit of business. The shop is run by the patriarch, Richard "Old Man" Harrison, his son Rick Harrison, Rick's son Corey "Big Hoss" Harrison, and Corey's childhood friend, Austin "Chumlee" Russell. The show shifts focus between the family dynamic of the shop owners and the various unique artifacts that turn up at the shop.

Pawn Stars isn't shot on some closed set. This is reality television after all. The Gold and Silver Pawn Shop is a real place that visitors can actually visit. It is located off The Strip at 713 Las Vegas Boulevard South. Due to the increase in tourist activity near the shop, it is sometimes closed to the public for filming. However, most of the time it is open for visitors to wander on in and look at the goods or even pawn a thing or two..

The Real World Penthouse, The Real World Las Vegas


The Real World on MTV is universally agreed to be the show that started the reality television phenomenon. This show put complete strangers in a house to live together for several months in a different city every season. Of course, mixing such diverse and unique group of people ensures that there will be plenty of drama, romance and conflict to make the show interesting. That is probably why it is on its 29th season. The Real World has had not one, but two seasons set in Las Vegas – one in 2002 for the 12th season and one in 2011 for the 25th season. However, both seasons were filmed in the same place: a converted penthouse suite of the Las Vegas Palms Casino and Resort.

Unlike the other sets in Las Vegas that travellers can visit, those who have enough cash can actually stay in the penthouse that served as the Real World House. Previously the penthouse has been closed off to visitors so that they could shoot reunion specials, but now visitors can roam the living area where so much drama happened and in sleep in the beds of show favourites.

Acrylic Tank Manufacturing, Tanked

acrylic Kommunikacio

This show follows the creative operations of the crew at Acrylic Tank Manufacturing, which is owned by brothers-in-law Brett Raymer and Wayde King. This shop bills itself as the world's largest manufacturer of custom made aquariums, which in Las Vegas, are in high demand with all the luxury hotels. This operation is a complete family business with Wayde's wife/Brett's sister as the company accountant and Heather and Brett's father, Irwin "The General" Raymer, as the office manager.

Tourists can go to 3451 West Martin Avenue, where Acrylic Tank Manufacturing is located. However, unlike the Pawn Stars shop, for example, it is not really too tourist-friendly. After all, it may be the stage for a reality television show, but it is first and foremost a business. Tourists can, however, see the company’s work showcased all over the city itself. Their works within the city include the jellyfish tank in Monte Carlo's Minus 5 Ice Bar, the Atlantis Aquarium tank in the Atlantis Hotel, and the old school Las Vegas style fish tank in Las Vegas Weddings.

Count's Kustoms, Counting Cars

Counting Cars was actually spawned from the ever-growing fame of Pawn Stars. This reality incarnation chronicles the daily activities of Count's Kustoms, a company that specializes in the restoration and customization of automobiles. The owner and operator of Count's Kustoms is Danny Koker who also served as a reoccurring expert on Pawn Stars when it came to all things automobile. The show follows Koker and his staff as they restore and modify classic automobiles and motorcycles.

Visitors can actually go in and visit Count's Kustoms. While they discourage visitors from going inside the shop – unless they mean to do business – there is always an interesting car or motorcycle hanging out front.

Binion's Casino, Casino Confidential

Ever wonder what happens behind the scenes at any one of the many casinos in the gambling capital of the United States? Casino Confidential is the reality television hit on TLC that aims to give viewers a peak at exactly what sort of weirdness goes on back there. The show follows the staff behind the scenes at Binion's Casino, which is relatively small compared to the Caesar's Palace, but still a Las Vegas staple. Casino Confidential doesn't so much focus on the staff, but rather the crazy characters that end up in the establishment. From unruly high rollers to bachelor parties that have gone a bit rogue, there is a good taste of the general insanity of the casino scene in the city.

Binion's is nestled on a little side street off the strip, even though it has been there longer than many other casinos. This is definitely one place where reality television viewers can visit. It has that old-casino feel to it, with its ancient machines, Wild West themed staff and a smoky sort of atmosphere. Ho

Pussykat Tattoo, Bad Ink

This series follows tattoo artist and musician Dirk Vermin and his friend and band mate Rob Ruckus as they seek out bad tattoos and attempt to fix them. They run their operation out of Pussykat Tattoo, the shop they both own located just off the Strip.

There are two ways to experience this reality television show. Visitors can head down to Pussykat Tattoo to get some world class ink of their own or, at very least, look at the pictures of their famous works before chickening out. Fans of this show, however, are actually more welcome to hunt down Dirk Vermin and Rob Ruckus at the rock shows they play. Their band, The Vermin, play venues all over the United States.

Rick's Restorations, American Restorations

ricks And Vicki T

American Restorations was also spawned from the hit show Pawn Stars. This particular show chronicles the daily activities at Rick's Restorations, an antique shop ran by Rick Dale. Like Danny Koker from Counting Cars, Rick has served as a frequent guest star on Pawn Stars as a consultant. The show features quite a few celebrity guest stars, such as magician Lance Burton, NASCAR Driver Greg Biffle and musicians Sammy Hagar, Billy Joel and Jason Mraz. Rick's Restorations is particularly private to the public. There is not much to see in the shop or outside, but visitors can still watch the cast come and go about their business.