When it comes to the most succulent seafood, western Sweden’s shellfish ranks head and shoulders above the rest. 

There is much speculation about why this is among seafood aficionados: some say that the icy cold waters in the region that allows the creatures to grow slowly, while more adventurous foodies are taking steps to find out for themselves by joining Sweden’s newest travel offering – ‘seafood safaris’. 

Seafood safaris preserve the local flavour of the region by teaching travellers about harvesting and cooking, and inviting them to a Swedish seafood smorgasbord.  There are several departure options for the safaris and travellers have the choice of leaving from a 19th century boathouse, a lodge with an amazing gourmet kitchen, or an incredible fishing village that embodies the sea-going history of the country. 

The little village of Smögen dates back to the 16th century and is a source of much of Sweden’s seafood. Fishing boats catch mussels, oysters, prawns, crayfish and lobsters, which are sold at one of the few remaining fish markets in Sweden. 

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In the village of Grebbestad, seafood safari adventurers start the safari in a beautifully restored 19th century boathouse.  Not only is the village is known for its vast selection of seafood restaurants, it’s also the harbour where Norway lobsters are plentiful and the majority of oyster-harvesting is done. 

The oyster safaris prowl for delicious, sweet oysters growing in the sweet, clean waters, while the lobster safaris leave from Kosterhavet National Park. Each adventure takes a different route and includes the history of the area you are traveling in. It’s best to plan your adventure around the seafood, the scenery or the season.

Spring And Summer

These are the peak times for Oyster safaris in Grebbestad.  Learn to fish for and open oysters in Sweden’s unofficial oyster capital.  Mussel safaris in Lysekil and crayfish safaris near Fjällbacka are also great choices if you are in Sweden during this time of year.


The first Monday after September 20th is when lobster season kicks off.  Lobster safaris leave from Smögen and the Koster Islands.  Head to Lysekil for mussel safaris and Fjällbacka to take a crayfish safari.


Lobster Safaris don’t stop because it is cold!  Bundle up in the provided waterproof suits and head out to sea from Smögen, the Koster Islands or Grebbestad.  Never fear, back on shore a roaring fire and a lobster feast will await you in a charming, candlelit restaurant.

Year Round

Shrimp and crab Safaris are not subject to seasonal fluxes and boats set off from various ports at any time of year.