Fifty years. That’s how long Indiatourism, Toronto has been in Canada promoting travel to this wonderfully fascinating place. That is 50 years of helping Canadians on trip-of-a-lifetime travel, spiritual travel, adventure travel, history-based travel, wildlife-viewing travel, shopping travel, and the newest reason to visit – medical travel.
Medical travel? Absolutely. India’s healthcare sector boasts highly qualified professionals and a state-of-the-art infrastructure that revolves around a “Patient First” philosophy. Complex procedures and up-to-the-minute therapies are routinely administered with some of the highest success rates in the world. Check out one Canadian woman’s story, on how she recovered from serious back injuries with the help of Indian doctors.
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India is also a great host for international events. The Commonwealth Games are coming to Delhi October 3 to 14 and along with athletes from around the world, they bring upgrades and improvements throughout the city, including a new airport terminal, highway and transit routes.
Shopping in India is as you imagine – exotic spices, magnificent jewels, luxurious silks, gleaming brassware, intricate artwork – the list is extensive. You can shop for your treasures in local bazaars, winding lanes lined with medieval shops, or sprawling malls.

Nothing compares to a trek through the top of the world. Himalaya hikes range from easy day walks to ambitious expeditions that last for weeks. Hire your own porter, or join a group arranged by a travel agency, but never trek alone.

Along with one-of-a-kind experiences, India also boasts one-of-a-kind wildlife, protected species like the Wild Ass of Kutch, the Asian Lion and the Nilgai, or blue bull. And then there are the tigers. India’s Project Tiger has successfully protected these regal cats in 24 preserves that have stabilized and even grown the population.

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Rail travel in India is exciting. Hop aboard a toy train (narrow gauge railroad) and chug up to the cool mountain stations of days gone by, or splurge on one of the country’s famous luxury trains that offer opulence, first-class service and fabulous sightseeing.

Out in the countryside, Indian culture is vibrant, varied and just plain fun. Take in festivals that celebrate everything from the New Year to the birth of Gods and Goddesses. Visit villages and shop for local arts and crafts at the source.

Worship in India covers a wide range of beliefs. We look at four UNESCO sites that honour Buddhism, Hinduism and Jainism – and at Ellora, all at the same site. Oh, and royal history, too.
So come to India. It really will be the trip of your lifetime.