ekenberg1Photos: Ekebergparken

Art lovers pay attention: A fantastic new sculpture park is now open in Oslo, Norway.

Following a private donation by business man Christian Ringnes, Oslo now has what must be one of the finest sculpture parks in Scandinavia.


Costing approximately US50 million, Ekeberg Park features some 30 notable works of art that celebrate womankind, as the park has established the ‘feminine-inspired in all its diversity’ as its overall concept.

During the past three years, Ekeberg has been visited by a host of internationally renowned artists, including James Turrell, Jenny Holzer, Dan Graham, Tony Oursler and Marina Abramovic. These artists drew inspiration from Ekeberg’s history – Edvard Munch found the inspiration for his Scream there – to create a series of unique works that will not only give vitality to the area, but also contribute to the global appeal of the Norwegian art scene.


The sculpture park’s artistic spectrum – from classical masters like Rodin and Maillol, via Salvador Dali’s surrealistic pieces, to modern forms of creative expressionism by Lynn Chadwick, Tony Cragg, Sarha Sze, Matt Johnson and Louise Bourgeois - makes it a fascinating place to visit.

Ekeberg Park will grow dynamically in the years to come with the addition of more sculptures and installations. The park has space for up to 80 unique works of art.