ice cream

There’s no better way to stay cool under the hot Arizona sun than diving into a delicious, locally-produced ice cream, so when you stumble across a local dairy farmer who produces his own ice cream, you are clearly in for a big treat...

Udder Delights Ice Cream is owned by dairy farmer Casey Stechnij, who runs Superstitions Dairy Farm in Gilbert, just outside Mesa.

Stechnij uses local ingredients as much as possible to preserve the flavour of his delectable ice creams. For example, for his peach-flavoured cool treats, he partners with nearby Schnepf Farms of Queen Creek so that he has access to the freshest, local peaches.

Udder Delights offers all the classic favourites, as well as few new sweet surprises. It also hosts a variety of sorbet and frozen yogurts that are fresh for the tasting.

But what really makes Udder Delights such a prize is the outrageous flavour offerings that have been developed in its ‘flavour laboratory’. So, if you’re feeling a little daring, why not try a scoop of garlic ice cream? Or perhaps dill pickle, avocado or lavender flavour?

More traditional local favourites include Cotton Candy, Nuts About Flavor, Apple Pie, Monkey Moo, Birthday Cake, Peachy Keen, Pistachio and Cherry Chocolate Chip. However, as the flavours change on a daily basis, it is best to call ahead and see what Udder Delights is offering.

If you want to truly experience where all these great flavours come from, Superstition Farms runs a ‘Cows to Cone’ tour. The tour takes guests through the dairy farm and the ice cream-making kitchen. And the best part is that ice cream samples are included on the tour!

The farm also hosts regular dinners for locavores, where guests can enjoy a gourmet meal made from Arizona-grown products from within an 80-kilometre radius of the farm. Superstitions Farm also produces a slew of artisan cheeses, butters and cheesecakes – and with all that fresh, locally-produced food to sample, it is easy to make a quick trip to this dairy farm into an all-day affair.

For those even more curious about the inner workings of a dairy farm, various demonstrations can be added to a tour, such as a hands-on butter-making class, a cheese-making demo, and a make-your-own-ice-cream class.