AllsparkUniversal Studios Hollywood“I’m counting on you recruits. So is earth.” And with that I was off on an epic battle to save the world and recover the last All-Spark fragment from the evil Decepticons aboard Transformers: The Ride-3D at Universal Studios Hollywood.

bumblebeeUniversal Studios HollywoodWow, what a ride. As N.E.S.T. recruits, or Freedom Fighters, we climbed aboard the autobot EVAC, the guardian of the All-Spark fragment, on our assigned mission to retrieve the fragment from the attacking decepticons. Along the way we did battle with MEGATRON, GRINDOR, STARSCREAM, RAVAGE, SKORPONOK, DEVASTATOR, SIDEWAYS and BONECRUSHER, before successfully completing our mission and returning to base. On our side OPTIMUS PRIME, BUMBLBEE, IRONHIDE, SIDESWIPE, RATCHET and WHEELIE joined the fray.

Optimus PrimeUniversal Studios HollywoodThe state of the art technology makes for an intense, incredible experience. Believe me, those nosedives from high in the sky seemed very real! Twelve-passenger cars zip along 600 metres of track while the made-to-order 3D technology makes you feel you’re right in the thick of the battle. So do the unexpected clouds of smoke, splashes of water, the heat and the wind.

EVACUniversal Studios HollywoodI have never seen the Transformers movies or animated series. You know what? I didn’t need to. The queue winds its way through N.E.S.T. headquarters and along the way Commanding Officer General Morshower and autobot EVAC provide all the background and intel you need to complete the mission.

Transformers: The Ride-3D opens soon at Universal Studios Hollywood and I can’t wait to go again. But now I think I have to go and rent the movies.