There is a food revolution underway in Hong Kong’s Quarry Bay. Some of the most talented chefs are breaking the boundaries and whipping up some of the most flavourful creations...


Shugetsu is a Quarry Bay offshoot of their Central Hong Kong original location. They specialize in a special sort of ramen called tsukemen. It is a kind of "dipping" ramen that is served both hot and cold. Tsukemen is essentially deconstructed ramen. The noodles are served separate from the broth so they retain their texture and present a simple vessel for the flavours of the dip. The broth then has its dial turned up to eleven with excess flavourings likes soy, eggs and unique flavours like freshly squeezed tangerine juice. At first, their broth looks a bit oily - which in Asian cuisine is rarely a good thing – but the flavours present within have won diners over, making this one of Quarry Bay's best noodle houses.

Tom Bao King

As the name suggests, Tom Bao King is a heaven for dumplings, in particular 'soup dumplings.' Their creations are slightly larger and less oily than the conventional soup dumpling that is famous in this area. Aside from their simple broth soup dumplings, they also serve up a unique shanghai soup bun that is bit spicier than the average dumpling. However, just because the soup dumplings are their claim to fame doesn't mean that diners should neglect the other items on their menu like their spicy chili wontons, lamb noodle soup or their lion's head (large braised meat balls). However, visitors should hit up this dumpling shop early as it tends to fill up around lunch and dinner quickly.

Noodle Conspiracy

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What conspiracies could noodles possibly have? Visitors may never know until they try one of their Shanghainese fusion noodles from this distinctly Korean styled restaurant. While all their noodles sound tempting, their drunken chicken noodles - a dish of chicken chunks and noodles that have been soaked in Chinese Huadiao - is a big favourite. Those with more daring tastes should give their pork chop tomato soup noodles a try. It consists of a juicy pork chop in thick tomato soup that has been made from scratch. Or try the shredded wasabi chicken noodles – they provide an especially wonderful way to warm up a chilly day.


Tulsi is one of the best Indian restaurants in Hong Kong. They combine Indian flavours with the occasional dash of Chinese influence in their food. It is tucked within a shopping centre and not on the street, so it can be difficult to find, but the search is rewarded with a bounty of curry. Their chicken tikka masala is a clear favourite, as is the leg of lamb, lamb masala, garlic prawn curry or Goa fish curry. For those who just can't choose, they also offer a lunch bento set in both vegetarian and non-vegetarian options.


While there are a number of Japanese restaurants within Quarry Bay, Camper's offers home-style comfort dishes from Japan rather than sushi or overly elegant dishes with small portions. Camper's is owned by two Japanese chefs that cook up all their favourite traditional, homey dishes. The interior is simple but warm and welcoming. Visitors should go for their stir-fried pork with ginger sauce, pork katsudon, beef with sesame sauce or any number of their various curries or ramen bowls. There are a lot of great dishes in this simple restaurant and really all of them are worth a try. This has lead to local customers going there day after day to take comfort in their hot and flavourful food. However, due to its popularity and small size, getting a seat can be difficult unless visitors arrive before prime meal time or have time to wait at the door.

Plat du Jour

Everything from the design to the food in Plat du Jour is a sign of things to come within Quarry Bay. Plat du Jour is chic and modern, as if it predicts the future for those that work in the growing business district. This is a place for the discerning visitors that need oh-so-much more class in their dining than the average restaurant on the street is able to offer. Within this bistro-style restaurant, diners gather for tea and some picturesque, flavourful French cuisine. They host all the classics like lobster bisque, escargot and roast chicken. The specialties are a hearty beef bourguignon, apple tarte tatin and steak tartare. This is something different than what those who live and work in Quarry Bay are used to, so they are going crazy over Plat du Jour. However, for visitors to the city looking for something authentically Hong Kong, this is probably not the best adventure. However, for those who want some beautiful, filling and flavourful French cuisine after endless noodles, dumplings and stir fries, this is an excellent reprieve for the palate.

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