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You’ve spent months meticulously planning every detail of your perfect wedding and now just the thought of trip planning for the honeymoon is anxiety inducing. When the wedding is over and the guests have left town, it is time to kick back on a sandy beach under a blazing sun. But like any trip there are still details to sort out. Put your mind to ease and just follow this simple honeymoon preparation checklist.

Make A List

Making a list on a checklist? It's not madness, it's practical. Make a list of how many sets of clothes you will need and all the other things that you will need to pack in your bags. This way, you will know exactly what needs to go in a bag before it actually goes in there. The further in advance you make this packing list, the longer you will have to look it over and realize you forget a few things.

Pack in Advance

Packing is something that you shouldn't leave for the last minute, yet so many do anyway. However, you always realize that you've packed far too much or that one thing you really wanted is still in the washing pile. Pack a few days in advance and reshuffle everything from there. A great piece of advice for travelling your spouse is to split belongings between two suitcases. In the event that one piece of luggage goes missing, you still have half of your outfits.

Take Leak Prevention

After the packing is done, it's time to toss in all the toiletries, medication and make up you will need for your trip. This will likely have to wait until the night before because, well, you'll likely need some of that stuff before leaving anyway. However, when packing it up, be sure to take leak prevention. It is a terrible tragedy to open up that suitcase and find that shampoo has oozed everywhere. Downgrade toiletries into small travel-sized portions and be sure to ziplock them in plastic bags as an extra precaution. While it is recommended to keep items like shampoo and make up in your checked bag, it's best to keep any important medications in your carry on if you can, just in case.

Gather Documents

While you're bagging up those toiletries, be sure to gather up all your important documents in one place. Make sure your passport is current, stash a little loose spending money in your bag and have your plane tickets in a place where you can find them but they won't be lost. If you are going on a honeymoon outside of the country, make absolutely sure that both you and your new spouses' passports are up to date, nothing ruins a honeymoon faster that finding out one of you let it expire as you get to the airport.

Make an Itinerary

The world is random and both good and bad things happen. Write down your honeymoon schedule as best you can, even if you are intent to let the wind be your guide. Someone should be able to reach you at all times while you are away.

Get Your Vaccines

This can't be stressed enough if you are visiting overseas. Few things can ruin a honeymoon more than a disease that your body is not accustomed to dealing with, but one of those few things happens to be a run in with traveller's diarrhea. You're cringing right now, but it is a serious possibility especially for those visiting the Caribbean, South or Central America, Africa or Asia on their honeymoon. There are vaccines for TD to help keep it away, but oral vaccinations like Dukoral will need to be taken two weeks in advance for the first dose so it can kick in by travel time.

Get a Bikini Wax

Because you want everything nice and shapely down there.
If you think you'll be short on time in between the wedding and leaving for the honeymoon, you can also invest in some laser hair removal months beforehand. Of course, you can just forget it too, after all, your spouse loves you for you, right?

Get a Mani/Pedi


Like a bikini wax, this is optional, but your hands and feet will be front and centre on that honeymoon, so they mind as well look nice. Go with a nice gel mani/pedi before the wedding in a neutral, peachy shade. It will be less likely to show chips and can last for a solid few weeks.

Take a Little "You" Time

All packed? Documents in order? Travel itinerary sorted out? You're prettied up? Great! Now sit down, take a deep breath, maybe have some tea, and relax. Planning a wedding is stressful, so don't waste time stressing over planning a honeymoon when it's not needed.


Where is your honeymoon taking you? 
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