hocking hills piccreativecommons.org/Andrew Blight

The Hocking Hills region of Ohio is a marvel among Ohio wilderness. It offers breathtaking scenery and some truly unforgettable experiences. However, the wilderness isn't the only point of interest in the Hocking Hills – as the region also boasts some truly one of a kind lodging options around.

Whether guests choose to stay the night in a renovated train caboose, a traditional Mongolian yurt, or one of the many historical B&Bs, some of these offbeat accommodation options start at just $50 a night, making a stay in the Hocking Hills a thrifty adventurer's paradise.

The Martin Store

While the name may be confusing, the Martin Store is not a store, but a charming little cottage – although at one point the building was indeed a general store, as well as a post office. The building was built in the 1870s and although it has since been renovated to improve its structural integrity, much of the interior remains the same.

The cottage, decorated in charming 1930s décor. The bedroom and living areas have been decorated to suit the building’s roots, with a faux antique pot-belly stove and grocery store and post office décor. While the cans of food on the shelves may be fake, the breakfast food in the refrigerator is very real and in the house for guests.

Dunkle Schoolhouse

The Dunkle Schoolhouse was indeed a schoolhouse once, but it has now been renovated into one of the most popular cottages in Fiddlestix village.

While it may not look like much on the outside, on the inside it is like walking into the past. The living area is equipped with a wood burning stove and comfortable chairs, as well as desks and a chalkboard for those who need a refresher in arithmetic.

Salt And Pepper Shaker Museum

As one could imagine, a Salt and Pepper Shaker Museum does not exactly draw in a crowd, but it is not technically a museum, although it does host a changing display of collectible salt and pepper shakers. The museum is, in fact, a lovely little cottage.

This beautiful little Southern style cottage used to be a shop in Fiddlestix Village. The biggest attraction of the Salt and Pepper Shaker Museum cottage is, of course, the shakers. The large windows of the house host sets from Fiddlestix Village's large collection of salt and pepper shakers. The collections are changed each week to ensure that guests rarely ever see the same rotation twice.

Salt Creek Retreats Cabin And Yurt Rental

The last place you would expect to find accommodation in a traditional Mongolian style yurt is in Ohio – yet there it is, nestled right in the middle of prime Hocking Hills wilderness.

 While this yurt may be designed in true Mongolian style, animal activists can rest assured that it is not made out of the traditional animal hides, but thick weatherproof canvas. On the inside, the yurt is also anything but traditional. Guests can sleep in a luxurious queen sized bed and walk upon polished hardwood floors.

At Boulders Edge Cabin & Tipi Retreat

While Mongolian yurts with luxurious beds are fun, there is no type of housing more attune with nature more than the tipi.

The tipis at Boulders Edge are made from waterproof canvas. While the inside has a wooden floor and wood burning stove, that is about all it has. Guest have to provide their own sleeping gear such as mattresses, cots or sleeping bags, but the outside is furnished with a fire ring, picnic table and trash container.

Ravenwood Castle

The owners of Ravenwood Castle wanted to bring over a classic piece of Britain's history over with them when they returned from the British Isles, so thus Ravenwood Castle was born. This stone castle is complete with medieval décor, including ornate tapestries hung from the walls and full suits of armor.

Guests can not only choose from rooms within the castle inspired by historical figures from Britain's history,  they can rent a cottage out within the village as well, because like any real castle, Ravenwood comes complete with its own village full of cottages.

Guests can choose from traditional Romani gypsy wagons, medieval-style village cottages or the wonderfully unique fairy tale cottages – each with its own fairy tale theme. No matter which room you choose, it will always be a thrill as the accommodations at Ravenwood castle are a masterpiece of interior design. And for guests who really want to get into the castle spirit, Ravenwood is a popular location for a number of role-playing board games.

Glenlaurel Scottish Inn

The English Castle of Ravenwood is not the only piece of United Kingdom culture that has made it across the pond. Glenlaurel is a Scottish inn that offers beautiful modern Scottish croft accommodation for guests. A croft in Scotland is known a small farmstead with a house, a barn and a paddock.

While these Scottish-themed crofts are smaller than traditional cottages, they feel anything but small. The beautifully-decorated crofts each feature a theme of a figure from Scottish history, from MacBeth to the Gordon clan.

Nelsonville Bed and Breakfasts

Hyde House and Primrose Bed and Breakfast in Nelsonville are two Victorian style historical B&B options. These two B & B's are the most popular in the Hocking Hills, located just a few blocks from the public square art galleries, entertainment and shopping.

The Hyde House and Primrose B&B are located across the street from each other, and at a glance they look like two magnificent old houses. Both were built by Isaac Porter Primrose –  Hyde House was a gift for his daughter and her husband in 1882, while Primrose was Isaac Primrose's own home.