Visit Halifax Nova Scotia

Halifax has not been immune to the influx in travel guide apps for visiting tourists and the Visit Halifax Nova Scotia app is the official travel guide. The app provides easy to navigate maps that also showcase nearby restaurants, attractions and businesses. Users can easily find themselves on the map and get directions to where they want to go right at the tips of their fingers. Almost every location has information that is built into the app and reviews from other app users. However, the Visit Halifax Nova Scotia has added value as it provide valuable discounts at certain locations that are not available to non-app users. The app also showcases current and future events so visitors will never find themselves in want of entertainment. All of this is available on the app store free of charge for Android and iPhone devices.

Street Food Halifax

The Street Food Halifax app helps the hungry masses find intriguing food trucks and street food stands and will track where they are in the city on that particular day. App users simply have to open up the map to see where a food truck is near them or find food trucks and stands all around the city. The app hosts the open hours of the establishment and in the case of food trucks, tracks where they are on that particular day. It updates daily and visitors can view up-to-the-minute schedules for every venue. Street Food Halifax also allows for users to mark and follow their favourite places and showcases the daily specials at each place. Smartphone users can get this app for free on the app store for Android and iPhone devices.

HFX Trails

The HFX Trails app helps visitors and Halifax locals alike experience the wilderness that surrounds the city. Now there is no need for long hours of internet searching trying to find the perfect trail for hiking, biking or a simple leisurely stroll. Visitors can customize their search to certain locations, save places of interest and be privileged to learn about trail details and the unique landscapes. All of this is presented in a straight forward, easy to use interface so users don't have to jump through hoops to find out what they want to know. This app is available for free on the app store for Android and iPhone devices.

Halifax Heritage Building Tour

There are over 350 heritage buildings in the Halifax Downtown district and the Halifax Heritage Building Tour app provides walking tours for all of them. By using GPS and Google Maps, the app takes visitors around to all the historic buildings in town. Once they arrive at the location, visitors can click on the building icon to view a picture of the building (to make sure visitors are at the right place) and read about the building's architecture and historical significance, as well as its purpose in the modern age. The buildings are organized in four different tours around the Downtown district. Three of the tours begin at the Pier 21 cruise ship dock and work, while the fourth tour begins at the Old Town Clock below Citadel Hill Fortress. This app is available for $4.99 on the app store for Android and iPhone devices.

Halifax Bus

Taking the bus is the cheapest mode of public transportation in the city. However, instead of fussing with bus schedules, trying to determine if you missed your late bus, the Halifax Bus app solves all the problems with this mode of transportation. The Halifax Bus app shows all the bus stops and routes in the city. Visitors can also pick a destination and the app, using the GPS of their smart phone, will calculate the fastest route to get there, providing information on what bus to take and approximately what time it will arrive at the stop. For added utility the app also keeps track of particular buses around the city. It will sound an alarm when the bus is at or reaching a particular stop so users do not have to sit around and wait with non-app users. This app is available for free on the app store for Android and iPhone devices.

Stroll Halifax

Stroll Halifax is the tour guide app for the avid walker. The app highlights scenic walks around the city, features landmarks and gives custom content about Halifax based on an app user’s location in the city (i.e. the different districts and neighbourhoods). This is a great app for those that prefer travel guides not for their hotel recommendations or good places to eat, but rather for their information on sights around the city. The Stroll Halifax app is available for free on the app store for Android and iPhone devices.