Cypress Mountain’s Eagle Coaster opened July 12, 2021, providing a new summer adrenaline rush in the Vancouver area. The ride is open 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. until early September.

The low-to-the-ground, gravity-powered Coaster winds its way down Black Mountain past wildflowers and through evergreen thickets with a vertical drop of 279 metres over the 1.7-km-long track. Riders can reach speeds of about 40 kilometres per hour, though a handbrake can be applied if you feel nervous navigating the tighter curves or during the short section that cruises over a few mogul-like bumps.

Cypress Mountain Eagle Coaster British ColumbiaCypress Moutain

Reach the Eagle Coaster by taking the Eagle Express Quad Chair. There are spectacular views of the surrounding mountains and Howe Sound to admire below; keep your ears open for the calls of ravens. At the top, you’ll stand in a line until it’s your turn to board. There are a few shade-providing awnings, spaced about two metres apart.

Tips for speed demons

If you want to avoid using the brake on your ride down, spend your time waiting in line getting a sense of how speedy the person in front of you plans to be. Coaster attendants ensure the cart before you is out of sight before giving the green light to go, but you decide exactly when you start to roll. If the person in front of you is particularly slow, you’ll need to apply your brake to keep a safe distance. That might suit leisurely riders who want to enjoy the views just fine, but speed demons will prefer delaying their start for a better chance of a wide-open track. 

Cypress Mountain Eagle Coaster British ColumbiaCypress Mountain

Who Can Ride? 

Kids aged three to 12 who are at least 96 cm (3’2”) tall can ride on the lap of an adult aged 16 or older. Single riders need to be aged eight or older and at least 1.24 m (4’1”) tall; shorter bodies can get a cushion to make reaching the handbrake easier.

When You Go

Location: 6000 Cypress Bowl Road, West Vancouver 
Telephone: 604-926-5612
Hours: Seasonally from 10 a.m. - 6 p.m. 

PriceBook tickets online: the single rider price is $29 for one ride, $49 for two; for passengers it’s $12 for one ride, two for $19.

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