African Art Centre


The African Art Centre has been standing for 50 years and is known to locals as a place where emerging artists can showcase and develop their talents. This creative hub’s priority is to support the inspired efforts of black, disadvantaged and young artists, especially those living in poorer communities where there is little opportunity for recognition. A gallery showcases both traditional and contemporary South African art and crafts, including hand-made bags, paper paintings, wooden carvings and embroidery. The centre also hosts training workshops and exhibitions to help promote the artists and groups, focusing on preserving traditional crafting skills while encouraging contemporary trends. Visiting the African Art Centre is a beautiful way to see a different side of the South African Townships and the locals who otherwise would not have a chance to showcase their work.


Distillery 031


Andrew Rull loves whiskey and travel, and after a long trip to North America he returned to Durban only to realize his beloved city was lacking the art of distilling fine alcohols. And so was born Distillery 031, a gin, whiskey and vodka distillery with focus on using fine, local ingredients and creating the perfect food-cocktail union. Rull's passion for flavour and gin is mesmerizing, evident when he tours his guests through the distillery, cocktail in hand. Enjoy the story of how each hand-crafted drink came to be, from source to sip.


Lunch at The Digs


Located in what used to be an industrial area in Durban’s city centre, The Digs Kitchen, affectionately referred to as The Digs, is a warehouse-turned-art gallery and restaurant; it’s where to go to enjoy local flavours while immersed in South African art, culture and history. The Digs is known for creating an affordable yet innovative menu while keeping health a top priority. Diners can wine and wander, enjoying art and learning more about the city while their food is being prepared.


Moses Mabhida Stadium


Constructed for the 2010 World Cup, this stadium seats 56,000 people. Upon entrance, you’ll notice the ‘Y’-shaped arch, which was inspired by the country’s flag. Visitors can journey to the arch in a sky car or take the Adventure Walk, a climb of 550 steps. Feeling brave? Opt to soar off the 106-metre arch on a gigantic Big Swing. From one or all of the above, the views of Durban are like no other. Don’t like heights? Worry not; those with weaker stomachs can stay grounded and enjoy lines of cafés around the stadium base, or take the pedestrian path to the beachfront either by bike or on foot.