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There’s no question that Paris is one of the most romantic cities in the world, and many of the hotels pride themselves on providing that extra romantic edge to your stay. Check out some of these incredible rooms that pull out all the stops when it comes to sexy.

Hotel Bourg Tibourg

Every part of this hotel murmurs “seduction” from the perfect location in the Marais to the scented candles and mosaic-tiled bathrooms. The rich fabrics on the walls set the 19th century ambience that is carried through to the rooms furnished with antiques and draped with more fabric. Choose a Deluxe room on the sixth floor decorated with a sultry mix of reds and golds – and the entire floor can be yours and yours alone.

Villa Pantheon

Oddly enough, the design of this hotel is British. The lobby is filled with upholstered sofas, high-back chairs, luscious leather and an oiled parquet floor. The delight comes from walking out of the heart of the Latin Quarter into something so unexpected, almost like taking a vacation from your vacation. The fun continues as you step into Scotland in your Superior room filled with dark woods and more leather furniture. France and Scotland at the same time – could it possibly get any better than that?

Castille Paris

Chanel Maison is so French that when you walk into 18th century Italy in the lobby of this hotel it seems as if you’ve stepped back in time. Your suite is somehow a mix of elegant Italian decor and Coco-inspired chic with deliciously soft settees and a private butler to complement your stay. With breathtaking views of Paris at night, you may never want to go to bed.

Le Fabe Hotel

Located on the famed Left Bank, this excellent little hotel was designed to be charming. When you check in you’ll find fresh flowers on the table and a free session at the sauna waiting for you. The Desire room is scintillating and sensual with a double bridal bed and sound-proof doors. Checkout is not until noon so order some breakfast in bed and enjoy your room.

Le Meurice

The decor evokes the elegance of an 18th century French palace complete with a view of the stunning Tuileries Garden. The feeling of being royalty doesn’t stop when you enter the Belle Etoile Royal Suite, a room that is easily the most stunning in Paris. From the private terrace you can see essentially every major Parisian landmark including the Eiffel Tower and Notre Dame. When you’ve tired of the view, slip into the jetted tub and gaze out over the Sacre Coeur for a while. At last, when you are fully relaxed, your cloud-soft canopied bed awaits you.

Hotel Particulier Montmartre

You will be completely bewitched by this hidden gem of a hotel that sits next to the mysterious Rocher de la Sorciere – the Witch’s Stone. Each of the five suites is decorated by an avante-garde artist and the private garden adds the final romantic touch to your stay. The “Vegetale” suite surrounds you in a sylvan wonderland as the leaf-dappled walls blend with the trees outside the windows and the mirrors create the illusion of immenseness. You can experience a romantic night in the woods, with room service.

Gardette Park

Ideally located between the Marais and the Bastille, the hotel is in a quiet neighborhood just steps away from cosmopolitan Paris. The simple double room is clean and modern, decorated in whites and reds like a bouquet of roses – the epitome of seduction. Have a romantic breakfast on the private terrace for stepping out into the magic of Paris.

Edouard 7

This hotel was built in 1877 and has been maintained as a tribute to Edward VII, the then Prince of Wales who loved Paris and was instrumental in bringing the reconciliation of 1904 to France and England. The rooms are rich with velvet and are as romantic as the rest of the hotel. The Lilly suite on the seventh floor offers sweeping views of the city from the terrace and a room fit for a king on the inside. The romantic lighting and plush velvet pillows are enough to convince you to close the curtains and have a royally glorious night.

Hotel de La Tremoille

The hotel has not lost its timeless romance from the era when Jazz greats such as Louis Armstrong would retreat to this hotel in the 1930s. Originally built as a private residence, the building was converted to a hotel in 1925 without losing the feeling of being a home. One charming feature that remains is the “hatch”, a handy device that allows delivery of room service without the need to disturb the occupants of the room. The double room is elegantly decorated with drapes and fabrics, warm and inviting with more than a hint of romance.