Are you a talented Canadian photographer with an interest in seeing more of your country?

Netflix has a few job openings, and you may qualify for the gig.

It will require you to travel across Canada to take on the role of being the eyes and ears for NetflixCA Instagram followers, taking them behind-the-scenes to capture the folks making the magic happen. 

According to a recent survey, more than half of Canadians (53 per cent) want to learn more about the content that Netflix films in Canada. And, about 53 per cent think it would be "amazing" to go behind the scenes of Netflix Canadian content for the sake of seeing how it is made.

Introducing #GrammastersNorth (like Masters of Instagram, not Masters of Grammar), Netflix's way of making it happen.


A brief job description:

The role of the #GrammastersNorth will be to travel to Netflix sets in various locations across the great, white North to shine a light on Canadian talent and locations behind select Netflix Original productions.

Candidates need to have a passion for entertainment and photography, coming together to create the ultimate #GrammasterNorth.

Each successful individual will fill a contracted set photographer role that requires: a high level of creativity; an inquisitive, innovative personality; and a strong eye for photography. The photographs and videos captured on-set by the Grammasters North will be curated and featured on the Netflix Canada Instagram account.

Here's what you'd need to do if you got the job:

· Must be willing to travel the country, for a short-term (even by dog sled, if required)
· Be the eyes and ears for @NetflixCA followers, capturing the behind-the-scenes action of a Netflix Original, shot here in Canada
· Showcase all of the Canucks that take part in creating entertainment magic, it really does take a village
· Capture the stunning set that is Canada 


Here's what you need to do in order to get the job:

· Would be willing to go to the End of the World “For the ‘Gram”
· Willing to take a few days off from their everyday life to celebrate Canada with Netflix
· Personally identifies as the artsy “Jughead” type
· Strong eye for shooting the perfect photograph - can make any opp a photo opp
· Obsessed with Netflix Originals and has a strong love for a throwback series
· Has an insatiable hunger for Netflix content
· Has an appreciation for a successful side hustle (Not the Ozark-style side hustle)
· Can make even make craft services table look like a three-Michelin star Chef’s Table
· Ability to play it cool when in the same room as a celebrity
· Passion for travelling the true north, strong and free
· Will battle demogorgons for an Eleven out of 10 shot
· Proficient in Microsoft Office suite
· Canadian resident 18+ with a public Instagram account, outside of Quebec

You will need to be like this to get the job:

· Be as passionate about the role as you are about hockey or a good double-double
· You are a proactive self-starter with the ability to kick your own ass into to action - without Jessica Jones having to do it for you
· You are not afraid to get your hands dirty - whether you are holding the handle on the TTC or tree planting in the Okanogan
· You frequently answer the Netflix’s ‘Are you still watching?’ question with ‘yes’
· You instinctively know to use the Instagram KK2 and KK4 colour filter pack on the Riverdale set and the Vintage pack on Stranger Things

Think you have what it takes to be the next #GrammasterNorth?

Visit and learn how to apply today.

And you should know: submissions are due May 11, 2018.