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If you think Daytona Beach is only for those who like to rev their engines...

With bountiful lakes and rivers, Florida's Adventure Coast is a paradise for anglers, paddlers and...
If you love a place, you make sure your impact doesn't outlast your visit
Lessons learned on the windswept shores of Gulf Islands National Seashore
The first clue this is another world: there are no stoplights on Sanibel’s main road.
The mom-approved accommodations located a stone's throw from Orlando's parks
Hit Florida’s mossy trails and paved paths to see the state’s natural beauty 365 days...

Looking for thrills, adventure and culture? You’ll find plenty to love in Tampa Bay. This...

At the heart of Miami’s booming food scene is its cultural diversity
There's more to these coastal cities than their top-ranked beaches.
Miami's history is as rich and nuanced as the layers of street art that coat...
The central Florida gem you need to experience this year
Forget the beach - we're heading inland for crystal-clear springs and rivers
The charming beach county hidden in plain sight
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