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There's more to these coastal cities than their top-ranked beaches.

Miami's history is as rich and nuanced as the layers of street art that coat...
The central Florida gem you need to experience this year
Forget the beach - we're heading inland for crystal-clear springs and rivers
The charming beach county hidden in plain sight
We're revealing where you can enact a desert island fantasy, find armadillos and dig for...
Break free from grey skies and head south, where umbrellas are for shade not rain.

When Canadian Traveller’s publisher took-off for Miami with one of her best friends (a mom...

The mom-approved accommodations located a stone's throw from Orlando's parks
Discover what Florida's great outdoors has to offer: Emerald green grass. Glistening blue water. Caramel-coloured...
Pensacola: a city famous for its beautiful beaches, stunning coastlines and friendly Southerners.
Brought to you by At the intersection of southern charm and...
John’s Pass Village & Boardwalk is a picturesque waterfront-fishing village and a quaint turn-of-the-century attraction...
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