While Florence, Italy may be a hub of culture, history and natural Tuscan beauty, it is also a fine place for a night out. For those in the mood for dancing, Florence has a booming nightclub scene with live venues and various genre-themed nights happening all over the city that attract the thrill-seeking youth from all over the world. More cultured visitors may be tempted to stick to the wine bars in this cradle of the Renaissance, but Florence runs the gamut between high culture and dingy dive, giving visiting bar flies their pick of whatever fine establishment they wish to get soused in.


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Kitsch for Aperitivo

Located on the corner of the Piazza Beccaria, the quirky Kitsch describes itself as a "sophist-artistic" tribute to the finer details. While the interior of this bar provides all the kitschy decor that visitors can handle, it is actually famed as having the best aperitivo (a drink the whet the appetite before dinner) in town. Their kaleidoscopic drink menu provides a plethora of different flavours that serve to whet the palate. While Kitsch sadly get overlook in the late evening as the crowds move to the packed nightclubs, near dinner time visitors will be sure to hear locals singing the praises of their signature cocktails like their light and fruity Miami Beach or the classic Italian aperitivo the Spritz, which combines aperol and spumante with soda water into a refreshing cocktail.


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Moyo for Cocktails

Moyo is, hands down, the most popular bar in Florence. While its reputation has faded in recent years due to the increasingly severe drinking regulations in the city, Moyo remains one of the best places for a cocktail. Within their sultry interior, visiting bar flies will be confronted with so many drink options, they won't know where to start, but will be certain to stay in order to keep trying different drinks. Visitors should give their gin and campari-laden Negroni or their tequila and Galliano Zoe a taste. Of course, not all there cocktails are strictly Italian; they make a pretty mean strawberry margarita as well. Those seeking a quiet and classy cocktail bar may want to give Moyo a pass during futbol season as the crowds flock in to watch the games at the bar and their passion rings out through the street.


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The Blob Club for Music and Dive Ambiance

There is a humorous rumor throughout Florence that visitors will only be able to find the Blob after they are already thoroughly inebriated. The Blob Club is located in a dark corner of Piazza Della Signoria that is near unrecognizable in the daylight, but once visitors establish where the Blob is, they will never want to leave. This bar is the ultimate dive in Florence. The beautiful Tuscan building is filled with posters and graffiti in the wall that mixes sophistication and grunge in the most perfect way. While the warm-hearted owner is an attraction all his own, what really brings the crowds in is the music. The music variety in the Blob is second-to-none with a different genre each night including open DJ Tuesdays and open-mic night on Wednesdays. The Blob Club is another fantastic place in Florence to sample its growing beer scene, but they also keep typical wines and cocktails on hand.


Mostodolce for Beer

Florence, or the rest of Italy for that matter, simply isn't known for beer. Even the biggest beer connoisseur could probably count all the Italian beers they know on one hand. However, in recent years craft brewing has been booming in Florence. One of the best bars to sample the new craft brews in Florence is Mostodolce. This bar regularly keep five different small batch brews from around the region on tap and all of them have a higher alcohol content than most visitors are used to. For those with bold tastes, their amber Martellina flavoured with chestnuts and honey is a uniquely unforgettable adventure. For those looking for a brew with more of a taste of home, the "bitter" Cristian straddles the fine line between English and Belgian ale styles.


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Il Santino for Wine

There are bigger and more popular wine bars in Florence, but bar flies will not get a more intimate experience anywhere in the city. This little wine bar is tucked away from the crowds in the Santo Spirito neighbourhood where the small staff of two serve up high quality wine straight from the vineyards of Tuscany alongside an incredible prosciutto and cheese platter. As the small staff knows their wines inside and out, they are quick to make a recommendation when asked to pair with either the visitors snack of choice or personal preference. On nice days, sitting on the terrace is a must for the people watching in the local neighbourhood. However, even when the weather is bad, visitors can't go wrong sitting at the bar and enjoying the eternally prosciutto-scented air and romantic atmosphere.


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