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While Portugal may look like a small country, they pack a lot of culture and...

The United Kingdom doesn't batten the hatches and close down for the winter
New Year's Eve is a long awaited event for everyone and Ireland celebrates this special...
9 picture-perfect German Christmas markets you need to add to the bucket list
Do not miss these treasured national galleries & museums
Caution: this post contains travel inspiration and will likely cause itchy feet!
Visitors need only wander off the tried and true tourist path to experience some of...

There are 41 UNESCO sites in France - here's a spotlight on four of them.

Step back in time while touring the ancient ruins of Ephesus, which sits in modern...
The Amalfi Coast rewards those who like to walk the land.
Bold mountains, waterfalls and kilometres of lake-studded valleys, Romania is a country for adventurers.
This county is more than just snow-capped mountains and hot chocolate.
Face it, adults simply have different priorities when it comes to vacations.
A dull and rainy day in Paris' Canal St Martin is infused by incredible warmth.
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