Taipei Skyline

Taiwan is one of the world’s hottest budget travel destinations. Why? Well, the island’s incredible public transport system may have something to do with it.

Consisting of high-speed rail, buses, shuttles, taxis and ferries, the system interlocks seamlessly to create a streamlined and simple service for international visitors.

Designed to be both convenient and cost effective, visitors can travel throughout the island with complete ease, while experiencing its exotic, natural beauty.

Train Taipei

"During my week long stay in Taiwan, I took every kind of public transportation available, and I honestly enjoyed riding all of them,” said Kristin Mock, a blogger for several online publications.

As a traveller coming to Taiwan for the first time, Mock was impressed with how accessible and reliable the country’s public transportation was for both foreigners and locals.

“The best part was to see that most places have destinations written in both English and Chinese, which is extremely helpful for international travellers who are not familiar with Chinese characters,” she added.

Another traveller who enjoyed Taiwan’s savvy transportation services was travel blogger Matt Gibson. When Gibson travelled to Taiwan in May, he was impressed by how easy and inexpensive it was to take the high speed railways. And when he rode the Ho Hsin Bus, he wanted to live in it!”

“Taiwan's Ho Hsin Bus is the most luxurious bus I've ever been on,” he enthused. “The seats are like La-Z-Boy recliners with private video screens. You can travel to any major city 24/7 for under $30."

Taipei Gate

According to Trust Lin, director of the Taiwan Tourism Bureau in Los Angeles, the comfortable and affordable transport option in Taiwan are endless: “Travellers can easily get around our beautiful island without having to stress about traffic and high-gas prices,” he explained. “Our travel infrastructure is designed to fulfill the needs of our visitors so that they can experience our island’s exotic places anytime, anywhere hassle-free.”