For many travellers, Eastern Europe is still very much that "undiscovered" bit of Europe. However, for those in the know, there is a lot to love about this simpler bit of country. For the loving newlyweds or adventurous young couples, Eastern Europe is the perfect escape and even for old love, it can be a place to rekindle that old flame. With anciently beautiful medieval cities and countryside that seems to run on in an endless stream of green, there is a lot to love in Eastern Europe and a lot of places to fall in love.

Prague, Czech Republic

Prauge Czech Republic

While its history and medieval beauty may be the tempting bait to backpackers worldwide, Prague is also Eastern Europe's romance capital. Visitors will be sure to sense the romance of an age gone by even upon first entering the city. The thousand spires of Prague's old town, the mesmerizing gears of the town hall's Astronomical Clock and the imposing Charles Bridge that connects the city all further the appeal of modern travellers that want to experience old world Europe without all the inconveniences of times gone by. Visitors can explore Prague's seemingly endless sights by day and enjoy nightlife that is nothing short of adventurous after the sun sets over the city.

Dubrovnik, Croatia

Dubrovnik Czech Republic

Although still unrecognized to western travellers, Dubrovnik has been making hearts beat for centuries. This coastal Croatian city is one of Eastern Europe's top-rated cities to visit. What makes Dubrovnik so hot? It could be the beautiful view out over the Adriatic from its perch on sea cliffs, all while still have some slivers of coveted beachfront or it could be the romantic architecture that has been used in television shows like Game of Thrones due to its old world beauty. Whatever it is that has drawn travellers, it has kept them coming in droves for its beachfront, annual festivals and unique cityscape. Since Eastern Europe isn't renowned for have much in the way of great beachfront, Dubrovnik is sure to pleasantly surprise couples in more ways than one.

Budapest, Hungary


Budapest's once seemingly eternal popularity has faded somewhat, but this Hungarian capital is still a beautiful city for romantics. With detailed architecture, historic cafes and a lively art and music scenes as well as its famous thermal baths, the city has more than a few places where couples can get to know each other just a little bit better. Visitors can spend the day shopping or exploring attractions like the Buda or Pest embankments or the castle of Buda before taking in to the vibrant nightlife that is fueled by some of the best creative mind in Eastern Europe. Couples will have to plan carefully as to when to enjoy some of the thermal bath houses. The mineral rich, luxuriously warm water should be done after a busy day rather before. It has a tendency to make people very sleepy through its soothing relaxation.

Cesky Krumlov, Czech Republic

Cesky Krumlov

Cesky Krumlov is what one might call a "diamond in the rough" sort of place. This town dates back to the Middle Ages and has since been named a UNESCO World Heritage Site. While the larger towns in Eastern Europe are beautiful in their detail and general grandeur, Cesky Krumlov is beautiful in its simplicity. It is located in the middle of a sprawling grassy meadow and still maintains a distinct small town feel even though it is home to a historic old town district and Cesky Krumlov Castle. Active visitors can enjoy hiking through the Czech countryside before retiring to a small hotel in town and enjoying simple local cuisine all while escaping the trials of modern society.

Lake Bled, Slovenia

Lake Bled Slovenia

Looking for something beautiful, mountainous and relatively unknown? That is everything that Lake Bled is. With cool mountain scenery and serene clean water, Lake Bled is a paradise for the romantic. As local legend goes, for a happy future as a couple, the man has to carry the woman up the 99 stone steps of the church located on an island in the middle of the lake, however the woman is not allowed to speak. For couples that can make it to the top, bliss is assured. After assuring the future, couples can enjoy the outdoor attractions of Bled such as exploring the mountains on hikes and horseback, exploring the Babji Zob Caves or whittle the time away fishing the lake. Lake Bled's most famous attraction, only rivaled by its lake-centred church, is it's imposing Bled Castle that is perched on a mountain cliff amid a backdrop of snow-capped peaks and thick forest. There are plenty of natural places in Bled to serve as a private escape for couples and since Lake Bled and indeed all of Slovenia is particularly undiscovered by travellers, the lack of a crowd is assured.