Dublin isn't exactly a coffee capital like the countries of Jamaica or Costa Rica that grow it or even France or Italy that brew it well. Visitors will find pints of Guinness in abundance, thinking that it is the only dark brew worth drinking in the city. However, in recent year Dublin has undergone somewhat of a coffee revolution. No more do people wake up after a night of indulgence and drink whatever cheap swill put in front of them. The Dubliner coffee palate has grown more expecting and as such a number of coffee shops have opened ready to deliver.


3fe dublin
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While many Dublin coffee shops focus on artistry as their biggest selling point, for sheer quality of the coffee brew, visitors should head to 3FE. This hip cafe sits not far from the Grand Canal Dock and features a contemporary black and white design. While visitors can order their cup of coffee in the utmost detail right down to the country of origin for the beans, they only allow the use of full-fat cow's milk in their coffee. Unfortunately for those that are lactose intolerant, there is not even a soy option. However, the best cup of coffee at 3FE does not require milk or sugar in it. Their single-origin filter coffee is counted among the best brews in the city. It arrives in a personal pitcher so drinkers can pour at their leisure as they catch up on social media are gaze at the Grand Canal crowds.

The Fumbally

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While definitely earning love among visitors for how fun its name is to say, The Fumbally also offers a perfect trifecta in its coffee, food and atmosphere. Located in Dublin's fashionable neighbourhood of Portobello, entering into The Fumbally feels like walking into someone's kitchen - a big kitchen, but a kitchen none the less. With high ceilings, an abundance of natural light and piles of fresh fruit and vegetables in the corner, visitors sit down at long communal tables on mismatched furniture to enjoy a meal and a fantastic cup of coffee. The Fumbally serves the popular HasBean coffee beans ground up and brewed in La Marzocco Linea presses. Paired with avocado on toast and some flat whites, their coffee and breakfast menu complement each other perfectly.

The Fixx

the fixx dublin cafe coffee
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Looking for artistic cappuccinos? The Fixx is the cafe to visit in Dublin. Eerily consistent, tasty and perfectly crafted, The Fixx brews up regular cups of coffee, but they are famous for their artistic cappuccinos. The geometric designs made onto of their cappuccinos are hand crafted with liquid chocolate and its artistry has made it one of the most popular spots in the city. Unfortunately, due to its popularity and location in Dublin's city centre, visitors will likely be waiting a bit to get their cup. The Fixx is also renowned for being one of the most expensive cafes in Dublin. However, such artistry probably demands a decent wage.


Roasted Brown

Roasted BrownRoasted Brown

A trip into the Roasted Brown feels more like entering a coffee store rather than a cafe. Clean, modern decor as well as a whole host of coffee bean bags on shelves may help in the deception. However, this is a place for great coffee. Head barista Ferg Brown and his employees are meticulous about every part of the coffee-making process. Whether it be brewing, grinding, weighing or sieving, it is all done with the utmost precision to make the perfect cup of coffee. While they procure beans from all over the world, their unique blends are always worth a try. One of the best opportunities at this particular boutique cafe is to just be daring and ask the barista what they would like to make. The quality of each cup in the Roasted Brown is so high that visitors won't be let down no matter what they get.


Bewley's Cafe

Bewleys Cafe Dublin
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Although this Grafton Street cafe is hard to miss and thoroughly ensconced on the usual tourist route, Bewleys cafe dates back to the 18th century. As a part of Irish history, the interior features thick wood tables and a simple interior decor. Visitors who manage to get a seat by the window can watch all the buskers ply their trade out on the busy street as they enjoy coffee and a decent menu. Bewleys is actually more famous for their variety of teas than their coffee, but their baristas are regular competitors - and winners - of local latte art competitions. The extensive cake collection in this cafe has made Bewley's a favourite in Dublin for dessert. Between the constant entertainment outside and the eye and palate pleasing coffee art inside, it is not hard to see why Bewley's is a Dublin institution.

Butler's Chocolate Cafe

Butler's Chocolate Cafe
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If there is one thing that can draw crowds off the street in Dublin other than a sign for free Guinness, it's a sign that advertises free chocolate. While the chocolate at Butler's Chocolate Cafe isn't exactly free, those who order a cup of coffee do get to pick a piece to go with their order from a luxurious display case. As Butler's is technically a chocolatier first and a cafe second, it is only natural that all their cappuccinos and lattes come topped with a sprinkle of rich cocoa powder when served.

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