The list of reasons for visiting Mexico is long and getting longer. From pristine beaches to a vibrant culture, friendly people and some of the most marvelous markets, there’s no better time to explore the country. 

More often than not, visitors head straight to the beach to soak up the sun and relax by the ocean. But instead of spending the day at that touristy restaurant in the sand, we hope you’ll venture off the beaten path a bit and try these delicious beach foods of Mexico. They’re so inexpensive and the best part is that the vendors come straight to you!


Ice cold coconuts

Fresh Beach CoconutFeather and the Wind

Is there anything more refreshing than an ice cold coconut on the beach? It’s not hard to find fresh coconuts when beaches in Mexico are literally covered with beautiful palm trees. Coconuts are often sold at the beach where vendors expertly work their machetes to flatten the bottoms and cut out a whole for your straw. Young, green coconuts are said to provide the best tasting water that is packed with potassium and other feel-good nutrients.

Once you’ve quenched your thirst, ask the vendor to chop up the coconut for you so that you can enjoy the white meat inside. Don’t be surprised to see locals snacking on coconut meat with lime, a dash of salt and (like most things in Mexico) some spicy salsa.

Cut Up CoconutFeather and the Wind

Tip: Look for vendors with signs that read ‘Cocos Helados’ meaning they are selling ice cold coconuts and storing them in a cooler. SO much more refreshing this way!


Grilled shrimp & fish skewers

Grilled ShrimpFeather and the Wind

Nowhere does seafood get any fresher than when you get to enjoy it cooked straight on the beach. You’ll find vendors selling either grilled fish or shrimp that’s conveniently served on a stick. No need for cutlery here! Add a dash of freshly squeezed lime and you’re as golden as your tan.

Tip: When you see vendors walking by, try to spot where they’re coming from and retrace their steps to get to the source (or just ask). If you can find the holy grail, I mean, grill that they’re serving from, then you’ll be able to get your seafood stick while it’s still sizzling.


Fresh ceviche

Mexican CevicheFeather and the Wind

Ah, ceviche. There’s no shortage of this seafood dish on the beaches of Mexico. Prepared fresh from the days’ catch, ceviche is a tasty mix of shrimp, octopus, fish and clams that have been cured in lime juice. This delicious seafood cocktail is tossed with onion, cilantro and spices, then served with avocado.

Clams and SalsaFeather and the Wind

Tip: Small seafood stations are sometimes set up at designated spots right on the beach where you can actually see the clams being chucked and the seafood being cut up for your ceviche.



ChicharronFeather and the Wind

No need to fret if seafood isn’t your thing. If you’re craving something savoury, you just have to try chicharron. Never heard of it? Well, chicharron is essentially fried pork rinds. Not the healthiest of snacks by far, but it sure is tasty. Vendors carry around large wicker baskets full of these puffy snacks that come in all different shapes and sizes. This guilty pleasure is served with lime and, you guessed it, salsa.

Tip: If this is your first time trying chicharron, skip the salsa (or ask to taste first) because it’s quite spicy!


The candy cart

Mexican Candy CartFeather and the Wind

Last but not least is perhaps the most colourful candy cart you ever did see. Full of sweets, gummies and nuts, this cart is usually being pushed around through the sandy beach looking for the nearest sweet tooth. Be sure to try the candied peanuts and a local favourite, ‘dulce de tamarindo’. Tamarind candy is a treat that packs a sour punch but worth a try when you find yourself in Mexico.

Mexican Candy CartFeather and the Wind

Each item comes at a slightly different cost (eg. pistachios are usually the priciest of the lot) but don’t be afraid to barter a bit. Choose your favourite one (or two, or three) and the candy man will fill up a bag for you to enjoy on the beach and satisfy those cravings. Carts are even equipped with small scales and your pick of the lot will be charged by weight.

Tip: Best to look for a cart that has a lid on it or is well covered with plastic. This way you can be sure that bees and flies aren’t getting at your snack before you do!


Puerto Vallarta Beach SceneFeather and the Wind

The most popular coastal cities in Mexico have a bustling beach scene with music, water sports and a whole lot of action. The energy is much like the rest of the country, colourful and exciting with passion found in even the smallest of details. The next time you find yourself on the beaches of Mexico, keep your eyes peeled for the friendly vendors and enjoy a delicious snack following your beach siesta.


Fel and WesFeather and the Wind


 After escaping Canadian winters once, Fel and Wes packed their bags for good and have been travelling throughout Mexico on an adventure from Cabo to Cancun. This silly couple writes about budget and long-term travel over at Feather and the Wind.