The Caribbean is already one of the top spots to take a vacation, but did you know that you can make it even more amazing by staying on a private island? These awesome island retreats may take a little longer to get to, but once you are there you’ll experience the most exclusive and incredible holiday you’ve ever had.

Parrot Cay Resort, Turks and Caicos

What was once a pirate hideout is now one of the most exclusive hideaway resorts in the world. This 1000 acre cay between North Caicos and George Cay is a favourite retreat for the rich and famous and comes with all of the extras you might expect for the cost.

The light, airy rooms that sit along the shores have a distinct Asian feel and are delightful for privacy and solitude. The villas towards the inner part of the island blend into the hillside a bit more but have cool-feeling interiors with a minimalistic Indonesian look. The beach houses may be a little less appealing from the exterior but the larger one comes complete with butlers who will organize your days’ adventures for you.

Refreshing, cool towels are conveniently placed around the pools and the staff is ready with icy sorbet and cold water when the sun becomes too warm. The COMO Shambhala Retreat with Asian-inspired treatments, aromatherapy, Japanese baths and holistic massage will take care of any lingering tenseness from the day.

Raffles Resort Canouan Island, St Vincent

The tiny island in the Grenadines is 5.5 km long and only 2 km wide and has one of the most exquisite resorts in the region with a world class spa, golf course and an airport suitable for small jets. The slow pace of Canouan attracts many yachters and divers to stop for a break and enjoy the gleaming white-sand beaches before heading off on other expeditions.

The resort consists of a number of villas dotted along the hillside overlooking the bay and range from two to six bedrooms, all having access to everything the resort offers. From here you can schedule scuba trips, deep sea fishing and island excursions to explore the rest of Canouan.

If you’ve had enough of tennis and swimming in the 13,000 sf pool, you can pop into the casino and try to win back some of the spare cash you’ve spent on this little venture. Still tense? The spa has nine villas offering a variety of holistic therapies to make your already delightful stay just a little better.

Peter Island Resort, BVI

Peter Island is a popular destination for charter boats and day trippers from Tortola. The only roads are the ones at the resort which means the only thing to do here is relax on the glorious beaches. The 1,800 acres of the resort sit right on Deadman’s Bay near calm waters.

The rooms, well, villas range in size from couple to large group and you can choose from beach view or beachside. One of the coolest things about the resort is that you can rent the entire island since and have a shindig with just you and 130 of your closest friends.

Every water sport imaginable is available along with hiking, tennis, basketball and yoga. If you are the romantic sort, the resort will transport you to a perfect sunset-viewing spot and provide you with fruit and cheese so you and your sweetie can watch the sun go down over the glorious Caribbean.

Meridian Club Pine Cay, Turks and Caicos

Pine Cay easily has the most beautiful beach in the archipelago. At 4km, it’s also one of the longer ones. The island is 800 acres and the residents, including the resort, practice good ecological stewardship, using electric vehicles, solar power and diligently recycling.

The resort has remained essentially unchanged since it was built in the 70s, having never incorporated television, telephones or vehicles. You can take your golf cart to the small runway for movie night or wander the many paths that crisscross the island. This is a popular spot for honeymooners and couples since children under 12 are only allowed in June and July.I

The resort has a list of excursions and diversions that are included in your stay, or you can book a separate sunset cruise or a trip to nearby islands. The spa features Balinese massage that combines deep tissue kneading with aromatherapy and acupressure to stimulate the body into full relaxation.

Guana Island Resort, BV

This designated wildlife sanctuary off the coast of Tortola is a favourite place for snorkeling and ecological retreats. Biologists come to study the flora and fauna and sailors drop anchor in the bay for a peaceful day of sunbathing. The only way to get here is by boat – either yours or the resort’s.

The resort owners are strong believers in preserving nature and actively work to maintain the environment and improve the lives of less affluent residents of the islands. Guests are encouraged to bring school or medical supplies with them to help with the project.

No phones or TVs in the rooms, but they do have wifi. Guests can use their own cell phones, but not within sight or hearing of other guests. Electricity is from generators and they encourage you not to use it. And why would you? You’re on an island in the Caribbean – enjoy it!


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