Located to the southwest of Spain off the coast of Africa, the Canary Islands are one of the most western points in Europe. It is on these Spanish owned islands where visitors from not only Europe, but the world, head to play on their fantastic beaches and unique landscape. As one of the most western points, it also serves up some of the most beautiful sunsets in the world. However, not just any place is a good spot to watch the sun set. Where should visitors set up camp for it on the Canary Islands?

Dining on Islote de Hilario Volcano on Lanzarote


Lanzarote is renowned for its bizarre volcanic landscape, thanks in no small part to the Islote de Hilario volcano in Timanfaya National Park. While buses take visitors into this national park to view the extraordinary striated rock formations, many are drawn to the summit of the volcano. Not only is this the perfect place to enjoy the sunset, surrounded by blackened ground and a panoramic view of the skies painted hues of red, yellow and orange, but there is also a pretty awesome restaurant up there. The Summit Restaurant, designed and ran by Cesar Manrique, specializes in serving up grilled meat and fish. They don’t just use any old wood fire though, it is grilled using heat from the volcano. If that’s not romantic, I don’t know what is.

El Cotillo Beach on Fuerteventura

El Cottilo Beachhttps://www.flickr.com/photos/xavipat/

Fuerteventura is famous for its beaches, so naturally those are likely where visitors will spend their time until sunset anyway. For the best beach at sunset, visitors should try to make it to the El Cotillo beach. While the sunset is stunning from the sand, the cliffs overlooking this surfing beach provide the best views. From atop the car accessible rocky cliffs, visitors will feel like they are sitting on the edge of the world, watching the sun sink into the ocean beyond. For a little extra entertainment, it is always fun to watch both novice and professional surfers that practically live on the beach wipe out or gracefully ride the waves as the light dwindles. Afterwards, there is usually a party down on the sand of El Cotillo, making for endless entertainment.

The Cliffs of Puerto de las Nieves on Gran Canaria


While many never tear themselves too far away from the resorts on Gran Canaria, the interior is beautiful and rugged with several different mountain ranges. While on top of a mountain might seem just as romantic a place to see the sunset as on top of a volcano, hikes to the various summits can take up a whole day in and of themselves, and climbing back down in the dark is as dangerous and it sounds. Instead, visitors will have to make due heading away from the resorts to the less developed north western portion of the island. Puerto de las Nieves is a small pebbly beach that makes for a good day trip, but the best sunsets are seen on the cliffs on the coastal highway leading there. During the day, the lofty highway gives the best views of the water, but during the sunset it is absolutely breath-taking. Visitors can enjoy it as they drive their car through the area or pull over and get out to take it all in.

In the Volcanic Desert on El Hierro

El Hierrohttps://www.flickr.com/photos/azuaje/

El Hierro, the most wild and least populated island in the Canary archipelago, is often the island few visitors dare to venture to. However, for those that crave an escape from the endless resorts, it is a pleasant reprieve. Here visitors can enjoy a varied landscape, the most interesting of which is the volcanic desert on the southern portion of the island. The desert is filled with golden sand and accented with black volcanic rock formations and craters. It sprawls all the way up to the sea where visitors can sit on sand dunes or sandy beaches and take in the beautiful sunset. What makes the sunset extra special on El Hierro is the lack of other people, there is very little light pollution allowing for visitors to enjoy nature in all its colourful splendour and great stargazing well after sunset.

From Atop Mount Tiede on Tenerife

Mount Tiedehttps://www.flickr.com/photos/fingerz/

For those searching for sunsets on Tenerife, there’s really only one spot to go. While the volcanic craters in the island’s center serve as good day trips, they are not great for spotting sunsets. Instead, visitors will want to venture to the nearby snow-capped summit of Mount Tiede. Not only is it the highest peak on the Canary Islands, but it the highest peak in all of Spain. However, visitors won’t have to spend the day mountain climbing; there is a cable car that runs up the summit, which also serves as a good spot to watch the sunset from as well. Visitors that don’t feel like heading home after taking in the sun’s show or the starry skies from the summit can also spend the night in the plush Mountain Chalet Parador to fully soak in the scenery.