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If you’ve got a story in mind or are seeking a collaboration, we’d love to hear about it. But before we get too far, let’s explore what type of content we publish, and what we’re currently looking for.


Print + Digital Editorial

First, you should know that our print and digital editorial operate somewhat independently.

Canadian Traveller magazine is published quarterly, while articles are freshly pressed a few times each week. The content between the two is unique/does not typically overlap.

Because we have different staff on each team, if you are looking to contribute to the print magazine, you should contact editor Terrilyn Kunopaski:

If you are looking to produce online content, read on... Collaborations

Yes, we accept contributors!

First, we appreciate that you introduce yourself and send along a sample of your work with your pitch. Send emails to and put "Let's Collaborate!" in the subject line.

Here's what you'll get in collaborating with

Each article we publish is promoted via our social channels. That puts your editorial in front of a growing audience of 19,600 Facebook fans, 10,900 Twitter followers and 10K Instagram fans. Plus, we send a weekly e-newsletter to our email subscriber list which features an editor's note and a round-up the week’s best posts. 

That being said, we will not post content that doesn’t meet our quality standards, requires heavy editing, needs grammatical corrections, contains poor English, or generally doesn’t align with our audience interests.

There are some limitations you should know about. If your content is spammy, it will be rejected. Anyone attempting to insert backlinks to unrelated or irrelevant websites will have their piece rejected. Any abuse of our platform will not be tolerated. If you're unsure, please ask. We don't bite. 

We understand that collaborations are partnerships; writers get exposure and we get content. That's why we're happy to include a backlink to your blog/website and a writer bio.


Types of Content We Produce: articles typically take four formats: 

Highlight articles: 500-600 words
A first-person narrative or informational article in which the scope of the topic is introduced within the word count.

Feature articles: 800-1200 words
An article that digs deeper into the article’s topic; contains a greater depth of detail. Here is an example: 


Pillar articles: 2000-5000 words
An article that exhausts the topic, speaking at length and in detail. It can examine a destination in its entirety, or be a thorough list of must-see, must-do or must-visit. Check out these two examples: 


A collection of gorgeous photography, typically 8-20 slides in total. One such example: 


We dig all sorts of content and not everything we publish has to be a listicle. Here are a few ideas for unique post formats: 



Photography used in articles should be your own, or provided with written permission of the license holder, or licensed under creative commons.

We require that any photos sourced online be accompanied with a screen shot demonstrating their license.

Photo requirements:

  • Header images: landscape orientation, 2000 pixels or wider 
  • Articles should contain one header image and 2 or more photos
  • Images should be high-resolution (aim for 1.0MB+)
  • JPEG, PNG or GIF
  • Photos require photo credits


Paid Freelancing Opportunities

From time to time we have paid opportunities for freelance writers and not just on, but on our other brands too:, and 

If you would like to be considered, please introduce yourself via email and then sign up for our writer database: is the vehicle by which we keep track of writers, issue assignments, receive drafts, and issue payment. 

Paid opportunities most frequently occur when we need sponsored content ordered, but don't worry, you'll know who the client is and you'll receive a byline. 

Our favourite freelancers tend to have a flair for finding the extraordinary in a destination and products. Writers who produce content with few required edits and solid research are the ones we keep in rotation. 

Don't forget to let us know if you have familiarity with certain cities, countries, or activities.

*If you do not specify that you are interested in paid-only contributions, we will make the assumption that you are seeking a collaboration. 


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