Cruising through the Canadian Arctic is not your average cruise vacation. Visiting some of the most remote locations our great country has to offer, cruising the Canadian Arctic is an adventure unrivalled by any other.

Arctic Explorer, MS Sea Adventurer Embassy Canada

This 10-day cruise, which departs from Resolute in Nunavut and finishes in Kangerlussuaq, Greenland, shows travellers what the Canadian Arctic has to offer. With stops in many arctic villages, travellers from near and far will feel a warm welcome from the locals. Become one of the locals in every port while indulging in the local cuisine, Inuit games and throat singing. For 10 full days, travellers aboard the 118-passenger Sea Adventurer, a newly renovated vessel specifically constructed for expedition voyages to the far corners of the earth, can choose to eat from the well stocked buffet, or order an a la carte meal from the ever-changing menu.

This cruise offers many wildlife-viewing opportunities. Bird watching at Prince Leopold Island, narwhal-viewing at the Milne Inlet breeding ground, bowhead whales in Isabella Bay, and seals in Karrat Fjord are just a few of the viewing opportunities on this cruise. On top of the incredible wildlife viewing, travellers learn about great expeditions that have taken place in the past, including Sir John Franklin’s expedition, on which all 129 men perished in the harsh conditions. Visit the gravesite where only three of these 129 men rest on Beechey Island. With sweeping mountain views, pristine arctic water, glaciers and endless tundra, the Sea Adventurer transports her guests to another world.

Arctic Safari Cruise, MS Sea Adventurer

Cruising from east to west, this 11-day itinerary encompasses most what the Arctic Explorer tour does, only it sails from Kangerlussuaq to Resolute.

Beginning in Kangerlussuaq – appropriately named ‘The Big Fjord’ in Greenlandic – this cruise embarks on its journey through the 168-kilometre-long fjord, then goes north to the Sisimut coast and Ilulissat coast, to view the land and icescapes of Greenland, as well as the fishing villages along Greenland’s west coast.

Wildlife-viewing abounds on this cruise and there are many opportunities to get off the ship to hike the rugged landscape. As the cruise continues through Milne Inlet, Devon Island and Prince Leopold Island, travellers will have the opportunity to see the migration and breeding grounds of caribou, muskoxen, polar bears, snow geese, foxes and wolves. The cruise also offers a look into Canadian history, including a stop at Beechy Island to learn about Sir John Franklin’s expedition.

Exploring Greenland & The High Canadian Arctic, National Geographic Explorer

With photography and adventure as its main focus, this 11-day cruise embarks on a quest for arctic wildlife and magical scenery through the west coast of Greenland and Canada’s northern Arctic before heading south to Iqaluit, the capitol city of Nunavut.

This cruise gives photographers and adventure buffs alike an opportunity to explore Greenland’s fjords and its UNESCO Ilulissat glacier, as well as the passageway to Canada’s Northwest Passage and northern arctic. Observe polar bears, walruses, whales and ringed seals in their natural habitat. Travellers also get a chance to explore historical Inuit fishing villages and old whaling ports.

You can also join the daily excursions for Zodiac boat tours, hikes, walks or kayak trips with one of the many naturalists on board. Learn about the deep connection of the Inuit people with the ice lands, the historical explorations and the ever-changing ice landscape.

The Northwest Passage: From Greenland to the Bearing Sea, Le Boreal Heap

Travelling from east to west, this cruise starts in Kangerlussuaq and goes through the Canadian Arctic, and past Alaska to Anadyr in Russia’s far east. Focusing on the incredible history of this passage, the cruise allows travellers to take in the moving stories of historical voyages won and lost in the quest to establish a trade route between the Atlantic and Pacific.

For 21 nights, guests aboard this beautiful, al- balcony luxury expedition ship will revel in the beauty that is the Northwest Passage. From Greenland’s incredible glacial coast to Canada’s Arctic, there will never be a dull moment during this cruise. Travellers have the opportunity to view a vast array of arctic wildlife, including caribou, muskoxen, polar bears, snow geese, foxes and wolves. The cruise also takes in Pond Inlet, the known ‘Gateway to the North West Passage’, Summerset Island, an overwinter haven for early explorers, and the Smoking Hills of Franklin Bay.

After cruising through the Beaufort Sea – a great wildlife viewing opportunity covered in fog and ice for most of the year – Le Boreal takes her passengers past Alaska, through the Bering Sea and over the international date line into Russia.

Baffin Island Explorer, Sea Explorer Beuregard

Sailing through the rarely traversed Fury and Hecla Strait, this 11-day cruise from Resolute to Iqaluit certainly stands out among the others.

Embarking from Resolute, travellers visit the historical site of Beechy Island before viewing the impressive sea cliffs of the Prince Leopold Island by Zodiac, which is home to more than 500,000 wild birds. The cruise then sails past Fort Ross, home to an abandoned Hudson’s Bay Trading Post established in 1937, before heading into the narrow Fury and Hecla Strait – the perfect place for wildlife viewing.

Known as Canada’s Capitol of Inuit Art, a stopover in Cape Dorset offers visitors plenty of opportunities to purchase carvings, drawings, lithographs and sculptures. Before making her way to Iqaluit, the Sea Explorer takes her guests past the largest colony of thick-billed murres, as well as one of the best places in the world to view polar bear. Take a Zodiac ride to get up close to these magnificent animals.