Mansion HouseColony of Avalon Foundation
Have you ever wanted to be an archeologist, but you weren’t sure that you want to dedicate your whole life to what is essentially the boring bit of all the Indiana Jones films?

Well, here’s your big chance, because the Colony of Avalon archaeological site in Ferryland, Newfoundland, is offering adventurers a chance to have an interactive archaeological experience for a day.

All budding Indianas have to move fast though, as the program is only running until August 14. It also has limited space, as only five people each day are allowed to get their hands dirty.

The Ferryland settlement was originally founded by Sir George Calvert in 1621, but the Colony of Avalon's studies over the last 21 years have unearthed a long history of human habitation. At the site you can see more than two million objects that reflect the lives of early settlers and those that came before them.

Colony of AvalonColony of Avalon FoundationHowever, any archeology program would be pretty boring if there was nothing left to excavate! Luckily, the Colony of Avalon’s collection is being added to every day with new finds from the dig site.

Program participants start the day with an orientation where they are introduced to excavation techniques, including ‘trowelling’ techniques, how to record artifacts and screening processes.

This is followed by hands-on fieldwork and lunch. In the afternoon, participants go into the lab where they learn to carefully wash, measure and record artifacts for further study. A guided tour around the rest of the extensive archeological site then ends the day-long experience.

All in all it’s a great day of archeological discovery – and not a ‘temple of doom’ in sight.