Calgary isn't the town of cowboy boots and chaps that it used to be. Now the people of this city have moved off the prairie and into the boardroom. Calgary is a modern city like any other, with their skyscrapers springing forth from Alberta's natural beauty. It is this mix of the modern and the natural that has attracted a number of visitors to what is Alberta's largest city. However, visitors to the city should ditch the paper travel guides for it. Here are some of our favourite apps to help you navigate this dynamic city...

Calgary City Guide and Map you for visiting my page.

The Calgary City Guide and Map features fully a functional map and a guide to what to do while in Calgary. Visitors can use the map to find attractions, restaurants and entertainment that are around them or by browsing the sights in the categorically sorted list in the app interface. Once a particular attraction is selected, visitors are privileged to all the pertinent information, including contact information, hours of operation, a description and pictures. One nice features of this particular city guide is that it allows users to plot out an itinerary for their trip. They can plot their trip on the plane and be ready to go right after they get off their flight. The Calgary City Guide and Map app is available on the app store for free on Android and iPhone devices.

TransitAssist Calgary Asparukh Akanayev

The TransitAssist app is the complete app for navigating Calgary's public transit system. No more will visitors, or locals for that matter, wait around for late trains, try and figure out vague bus schedules or wonder what route goes where in the city. This app has all that covered. With the TransitAssist, visitors can sit in the comfort of their hotel room and be privileged to all the train and bus routes in the city. The colour-coded maps makes telling the routes apart and finding where they go into a simple task. What's more, once app users decide what route they need to take to where they are going, the app hosts full schedules for the arrivals and departures of both subway trains and buses. The schedules are updated often and kept fairly accurate, give or take a few minutes. The nicest feature of this app is that it can calculate how users can get to any particular destination from their current point. It plots the fastest route or the one with the least stops, via either train, bus or a mix of the two, and will tell users exactly where and when they need to change. It certainly takes almost all of the guesswork out of inter-Calgary travel. The TransitAssist Calgary app is available for $0.99 on the app store for Android and iPhone devices.

Calgary Social Shopping you for visiting my page.

With this handy shopping app, users can see where people are shopping and the interesting things they are buying. This is one of the city's most favourite apps; Calgary has a whole bunch of social shoppers that add the items they are buying and where they got them. It also helps users keep track of great sales around the city. The app itself updates with sales around the city, so even if users aren't interested in what hot items other shoppers are buying, it is a handy sale finder. Regardless, the app also showcases all the shops in the various districts in the city, so visitors can pluck out where they want to go and store them in the favourites tab. The Calgary Social Shopping app is available for free on the app store for Android and iPhone devices.

Street Food Calgary

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Calgary has an ever-growing street food scene to help feed those hungry worker bees or drunk party goers that just don't have the time to go to a proper sit down establishment. While much of the street food that the app highlights is stationary, the food trucks move around the city daily, sometimes by the hour, so they can be hard to keep track of. The Street Food Calgary app not only details the street food establishments, their hours of operation and what they serve, but it keeps track of the schedules of the mobile ones. Visitors can find out where their favourite food truck is in the city any time, or they can open the in-app map and find out what tasty treat is near their current location. The Street Food Calgary app is available for free on the app store for Android and iPhone devices.

Calgary at a Glance you for visiting my page.

When most people get a travel guide app, they want as much content as they can possibly get out of it. However, for those who have limited time in a city, those apps can actually have too much content. For those that want to see the best possible sights, eat the best food, and visit the best shopping hotspots, the Calgary at a Glance city guide is the app to invest in. This city guide not only showcases Calgary's most important sites, but allows for user ratings, so other app users can get see the very best if they are in the city for say, a layover's amount of time. The various points of interest are marked on the map according to the colour of their categories (food, nightlife, historical sites, shopping, ect) or visitors can browse the sites through the categorical list. After selecting a site, visitors get all the important information on a point of interest, as well as several pictures. The Calgary at a Glance guide app is available for $1.99 on the app store for Android and iPhone devices.