Are you sitting down?

Good, now listen closely...

One of our favourite clients – Serenity at Coconut Bay - located on the dream island of St. Lucia is on sale. And we're not just talking 15% or 30% off and a free bottle of booze. This is a fire sale and currently the best luxury suite deal on offer in the entire Caribbean.

Here's the skinny:

Picture this...

You, your travel partner and a 1250-sq. ft. luxury suite. (That’s twice the size of my apartment!) The space flows seamlessly between indoor and private outdoor living. You’re lounging next to your private plunge pool when your butler arrives, delivering two salt-rimmed craft cocktails.

Later in the day, you watch the sun sink below the horizon and then stroll over to The Greathouse, where gourmet plates are served poolside under the stars, or indoors beneath a chandelier-studded dining room; your choice. 

Or just take a look for yourself:  


Coconut Bay Beach Resort & Spa
Coconut Bay Beach Resort & Spa
luxury serenity suite
coconut meal

Serenity at Coconut Bay:
what you need to know

This is Champagne travel on a beer budget

I’m a travel junkie and one of my biggest pet peeves plays out when I ask a friend - who has booked a sun vacation - where they’re staying and they reply that they don’t know, or "they forget". They brush it off like it doesn’t matter. 

When it comes to a sale package – especially one that’s discounted – it very much matters. It’s the difference between scoring a discount on a Timex or a Rolex. And my friends, the island of St. Lucia and Coconut Bay's Serenity suites are a Rolex.

The Property

This winter getaway promotion specifically applies to Serenity's 36 luxurious Plunge Pool Suites. Serenity is located on the 85-acre Coconut Bay Beach Resort property. You enjoy exclusive access to Serenity's amenities while still entitled access to Coconut Bay's eight restaurants and seven bars. Think of it this way: stay at one resort, play at two. 

Coconut Bay is located in close proximity to the airport - just five minutes driving. That means no lengthy bus transfers upon arrival; your vacation starts the minute you touch down on the tarmac. And when you're ready to start exploring St. Lucia you're in comfortable distance of the island's best attractions.


Who is this deal good for? 

Adults, couples, travelling BFFs. 

When do I need to book by? 

January 15, 2018

What travel dates are available? 

January 1, 2018 - August 31, 2018


What all is included? 

All-inclusive service with every imaginable indulgence.
Specifically, though: 

  • Guest services: Intuitive Butler Services, 24-hour room service, poolside wait and butler service 
  • Dining: unlimited reservation-free gourmet dining, gourmet dining at the Greathouse Restaurant + casual meals and snacks at the Pool Bar, gourmet in-suite dining
  • Beverages: unlimited wine and premium spirits, crafted cocktails and beverage service + daily signature cocktail with souvenir recipe card and mixology lesson
  • Pools: private plunge pool (one in each Serenity suite); Serenity Pool access (featuring in-water loungers, lap pool + aqua bed) wiht private pool cabanas + bottle service
  • Wi-Fi + complimentary long-distance calling
  • Private airport transfers
  • Taxes and Gratuities


Tell me more about this personal butler...

Coconut Bay Beach Resort & Spa

It's okay, we're mere mortals too. What does a personal butler do, anyway? 

  • Ensures your patio bar never goes un-stocked
  • Let your butler play barman, handcrafting your cocktails in-suite. 
  • Breakfast delivered in bed or on the deck
  • Pillow too soft? Too hard? Let the butler walk you through the pillow menu.
  • Draw you an aromatherapy-steeped bath
  • Arrange for in-suite spa treatments
  • Shirt get wrinkled in-transit? Let your butler press it. 
  • Hate packing/unpacking? Let the butler do it. 
  • Want to arrange a candlelight dinner or beach picnic? You know who to call...

PROVE to me this is the real deal

After the 65% discount, here's how Serenity compares to other properties on St. Lucia: 

Price compare

You should know: spring rates slightly higher while summer rates are slightly lower; prices are in USD. 


How do I get more information? 

Chat with a friendly customer service representative: 1-877-252-0304 

How do I book? 

Call 1-833-600-0415, direct through Coconut Bay or Air Canada Vacations


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