new year Casale

No one can rings in the New Year better than the Canadians. With epic parties raging all around Canada on New Year's Eve, there will be no shortage of festivities and merriment for anyone.

L'Olympia de Montreal New Year's Eve in Montreal, Quebec

The L'Olympia de Montreal is playing host to an event called The Bedroom Ball this New Year's Eve. However, this might not be the best place for a man to ring in the New Year's with his girlfriend or wife, as it will host a slew of Playboy bunnies. Aside from the Playboy bunnies, the event will have a celebrity guest, yet to be announced, as well as music by local DJs and a gourmet dinner. The 1920s architecture of the L'Olympia adds a seductive appeal to this annual party, which makes it a great place to spend the evening if single.

The Mod Club Toronto's New Year's Eve in Toronto, Ontario

The Mod Club is a Toronto institution, as is its epic New Year's Eve party. Each year it hosts different world famous DJs, but the theme is always the same. At The Mod Club Britpop is the name of the game, from the Beatles to the Sex Pistols, the British invasion has never died. This year it will be hosting DJ UK-Underground, who brings with him a mix of rock, indie and dub step music. With the liquor flowing freely and the thumping beats, the Mod Club is the best place to rave right on into the New Year.

Seahorse Tavern New Year's Eve in Halifax, Nova Scotia

For a more intimate New Year's party, head on over to the Seahorse Tavern in Halifax, Nova Scotia. The Seahorse Tavern is the oldest bar in Nova Scotia and it isn't afraid to show its age with its decor. However, the party in the Seahorse is anything but old. With the indie beats and cheap drinks, it is a fun place to party with the locals. The best part happens at midnight, as bar patrons step outside to see the fireworks display at the nearby Parade Square.

The Fairmont Banff Springs New Year's Eve in Banff, Alberta

For those who have grown past the time of spending New Year's cramped into a sardine can with a bunch of sweaty, drunk revellers, The Fairmont in Banff brings the class back into this celebration. The inside is decorated in glitzy roaring 1920s style, staying true to the building’s architecture. After a four course meal, there’ll be a swinging big band so that guests can dance the night away.

Devonian Gardens New Year's Eve in Calgary, Alberta

The Devonian Gardens is a lovely indoor garden in the heart of Calgary. It is full of waterfalls, fountains and lush flora. However, during New Year's Eve, the garden starts serving up drinks and turns into party central for those that want to mingle. The event is hosted by Thomas Lynch Fashions, so be sure to dress stylishly formal to fit in with the crowd.

Jet Set Atlantis New Year's Eve in Vancouver, British Columbia

Jet Set Atlantis is the promotional name for this New Year's Eve fundraiser that is being held at the Vancouver Aquarium. This black tie affair is a classy way to spend New Year's Eve, and all proceeds go to supporting the aquarium. With various performers, including percussionists and international and local DJs, there is no shortage of entertainment. Combine that with top quality Champagne and deluxe hors d'oeuvres, a New Year spent at this party will certainly be one to remember. Who knows, schmoozing and mingling with some of the prestigious guests might lead to some good fortune for the New Year.

The Distillery District New Year's Eve in Toronto, Ontario

The Distillery District has named itself the hippest place on Earth. On New Year's Eve, that might actually be true. The restaurants and bars appeal to hip and artistic types, so expect to see more than a few hipsters partying it up at the Distillery District. For those who want to arrive early at 8 p.m., there will be a six course meal by Chef Jason Rosso before the real party starts at 10 p.m. in the fermenting cellar. For all those hipsters out there looking for a hot party on New Year's Eve, this is definitely it.

O'Reilly's Pub New Year's Eve in St John's, Newfoundland

Want the Irish experience this New Year's Eve but don't have the money to fly across the pond? O'Reilly's is the closest thing to it this side of the Atlantic Ocean. The Newfoundland hospitality will have visitors feeling right at home in this old fashioned Irish pub. Guests will be letting their hair down and raising their glasses to toast the New Year long before it has come and long after it has past. With complimentary glasses of Champagne and the authentic Irish band, the Masterless Men, guests will gave a blast.

The Queen of Diamonds Cruise New Year's Eve in Vancouver, British Columbia

Those who are single and looking for a good way to meet people on New Year's Eve should try and get a seat on the Queen of Diamonds cruise. The cruise offers a gourmet buffet of baron of beef and salmon filets followed by dancing. On deck the singles mingle as they watch firework. There is no better way to kick things off than to get a few dates and be treated to a fantastic show.

Rock 'N' Soul New Year’s Eve in Winnipeg, Manitoba

Rock 'n' Soul is the biggest New Year's event in Manitoba. It features the Ron Paley 21-Piece Band that rocks the Winnipeg Convention Centre every year. The event also serves up an exquisite five course meal that features filet of beef and lobster. After dinner the floor is opened up for dancing until New Year, when a grand countdown and Champagne toast is held. Rock 'n' Soul is just some good old fashioned adult fun and every year it attracts hundreds of guests to spend New Year's in a more civilized atmosphere rather than a crazy crowded one.

Fire and Ice Show New Year's Eve in Whistler, British Columbia

Whistler attracts snow birds all through the winter, and everybody knows that where skiers and snowboarders go, the best parties follow. During New Year's Eve every establishment in Whistler is open and packed full of partiers until about 11 p.m., when the crowds migrate to Skier's Plaza at the base of the Blackcomb Gondolas. The city then begins its countdown and ushers in the New Year with a fireworks display.

Spark Street Promenade New Year's Eve in Ottawa, Ontario

Obviously the nation's capital has to have some awesome parties. However, while many bars will be bursting at the seams on this night, the main attraction in Ottawa is Spark Street. Spark Street unfolds like a mix between a massive concert and a block party. Every year some great bands and DJs play on the elevated stage in the Sparks Street Square while food and beverage vendors, games, and other activities line out outside regions. At midnight after the countdown to the giant maple leaf drop and a fireworks display, the celebration sports a mysterious midnight surprise. The surprise is different each year and a well kept secret by the organizers.

Quebecadabra New Year’s Eve in Quebec City, Quebec

Leave it to Quebec City to get really party it up this New Year's Eve with their Quebecadabra celebration. The whole of this celebration starts at Christmas, but on New Year's Eve the town breaks out its finest musicians, DJs and fireworks in the Grand Alle to help say bonjour to the New Year. After the midnight fireworks display is done, be sure to hit up one of the nearby bars of restaurants for a rowdy after party. Celebrating the New Year's in Quebec City really makes visitors feel like they are part of the community there.

Time Supper Club New Year's Eve in Montreal, Quebec

Though it is located in drab industrial district, the Time Supper Club is anything but drab. Decorated in wall to wall white 1940s art deco style with burnt orange lighting, the Time Supper Club is a classy way to spend New Year's Eve in Montreal. It gives guests a blast from the past with its old fashioned etiquette, including providing time for an after dinner smoke. Though this is a black tie dinner party for the first portion of the night, festivities amp up when the DJ David Wexman takes the helm of the entertainment for some rowdy dancing all the way to the New Year's countdown when glasses of Champagne are handed out.

Niagara Falls New Year’s Eve in Niagara Falls, Ontario

So what is the biggest party in Canada? Well, it happens at Niagara Falls. It is so popular that more than a few Americans hop the border to party it up Canada style. The bulk of the celebration happens in Queen Victoria Park where live entertainment will be on stage until midnight. The nearby Skylon Tower is illuminated on New Year Eve and the external elevator is on a timed countdown to the New Year. Once the clock strikes midnight, the crowds then migrate to the nearby falls and watch the awesome world famous fireworks display that is shot up over the water.