berlin 1(c) Photos: visitBerlin/Scholvien

Big changes are underway in uber-chic Berlin... And it has something to do with a ‘bikini’.

‘Bikinihaus’ is an iconic city structure that was built back in the 50s by architects Paul Schwebes and Hans Schoszberger as a symbol of Berlin’s new-found dynamism. Located in City West, the area enjoyed a monopolistic position in terms of its social and financial standing while Germany was divided.

The building was instantly hailed as an icon of post-war architecture, and it was dubbed ‘Bikinihaus’ – the Bikini House – by native Berliners, because it had the appearance of being two separate structures, like a bikini.

With the fall of the Berlin Wall, City West may have lost its monopolistic position, but it managed to remain one of the most popular tourist destinations in the city.

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Following the opening of the Waldorf Astoria in January 2013 and the recently-completed refurbishment of the Zoo Palast cinema, the renovation of ‘Bikini Berlin’ is the third major construction project to be completed in the area.

When the completely renovated Bikini Berlin reopens this spring, it will give fashion designers and restaurateurs a shiny new platform upon which to present their innovative ideas. This will result in a revolutionary shopping concept made up of some 60 regular stores and 20 pop-up stores that are sure to be a big hit with trend-conscious visitors from abroad.

A central element of the new-look Bikini Berlin will be a striking roof-scape that’s almost as big as a football field. It will offer a sensational view of the city’s zoo.

"Berlin's West is on the rise,” explained Burkhard Kieker, CEO at visitBerlin. “Bikini Berlin is an inspiration for our city and is a major gain for the City West. Bikini Berlin will appeal to an international, design-loving audience with its unconventional and urban Berlin sense of chic."