Berlin is the nightlife capital of Germany. Considered by many to be the best clubbing city in Europe, it would be a shame for party-oriented visitors to miss some of these great nightclubs...

Berghain Agthe

Berghain is the pinnacle of party in Berlin. This nightclub is so famous it is almost mythical, however that may just be because it is so hard to get in. This monstrously sized nightclub is located in a converted power station and has garnered a worldwide reputation. For those who manage to get through the door, the main scene is on the top floor at the Panorama Bar. This bar has no need for blaring loud music as the thumping beats from Berghain's main dance floor permeate the walls. It is where all the tired dancers and VIPs gather for post-dancing drinks and conversation.


Cookies has been a Berlin clubbing institution for the past 15 years, offering the best underground house and disco music in its central room. The second room of the club offers a more diverse playlist of Indie to Hip-Hop for a more laid back crowd. Unlike the other nightclubs around town, Cookies offers more of a glamorous uptown experience rather than a hardcore, sweaty experience. DJs include local spinners as well as imports from clubs such as Paradise Garage in New York.

Watergate Griffioen

The Watergate is located just outside the hipster area of Berlin by the majestic Oberbaumbruke. This split level building also shares Berlin's fondness for house and techno music, but because of the split level design, it doesn't pack the clubbers in like anchovies in the way that Berghain does. Upstairs, guests will find the techno sounds of local Berlin talent and famous international techno names such as Panpot, Sebo K and Kenny Larkin. Downstairs, which is known as the "waterfloor" showcases the up and coming talent from around the city. The under floor light box in Watergate gives the club a sort of classic disco air, but it doesn’t feel dated.


Ashpalt claims to offer something called "advanced urban clubbing", which apparently means an ongoing shift from shabby chic venues to the more sophisticated and hipster-oriented New York Style venues. No matter what the meaning of "advanced urban clubbing" is, Ashpalt is a swanky nightclub in the basement in a business hotel in the Mitte district. Those used to America's club scene will feel right at home there, except for the music, which leans towards disco and up-tempo house. The local artist Hugo Capablanca plays there frequently, as well as the other residents from the King Size Hip Bar that is not too far away from this club on Friedrichstrasse. This nightclub is a nice middle group for those that find Berghain too intimidating and Watergate too far outside of town.

White Trash Fast Food

white AMIOT

White Trash Fast Food is a little confused on what it wants to be, but that is part of the fun. It is part dance club with a mix of modern rock, hip hop and 1950s rock and roll music, but is also part burger joint, tattoo parlour, tiki shack and smoking cinema. Visitors that are just going to White Trash Fast Food for the food should stay on the first floor, but those looking to party should head on down to the basement for some crazy fun.


Picknick is daring in its location, as it’s right in the middle of the imposing government buildings in Reichstag. Across two floors, people cram into endless hallways and dance to eclectic programs that include Grandmaster Flash, DJ Hell and local Berlin beat spinners. While this club is crowded, it does advertise an upscale dress code to keep things classy, so visitors should wear something nice that they don't mind getting sweaty in. However, due to the large amount of people in such a close space, visitors are sure to make a whole bunch of new clubbing friends.