Home to Strauss, Mahler, Haydn and Mozart, Austria has had a massive impact upon music. When travelling in the region it’s still a pleasure to sit down to a lovely philharmonic playing in one of the classic venues or catch a modern band at a newer stage. Enjoy some incredible music in the equally stunning ambience at one of these great venues...



The Musik & Theater Konzertsaal der Wiener Sängerknaben (Concert Hall of the Vienna Boys Choir) is a unique blend of existing baroque structures united with modern architecture. The new Concert Hall was constructed to enhance ambient sound while using acoustic panels to control echoes and direction. Each of the 400 seats receives a perfect blend of sound from the stage.

The Vienna Boys Choir began in 1498 and today is composed of about 100 choristers from nine to 14 years old. Grouped into four choirs, they perform over 300 concerts every year including many at this, their main stage.

Many other orchestras, youth orchestras, philharmonics and other performing groups use the stage throughout the year and music can be heard there almost every night of the week.

Landestheater Linz

The opera house in Linz has been open since mid-2013 and the 1,000-seat house is as modern as modern can be. The beautiful glass-fronted building on the Volkspark was a welcome addition to the city that had been struggling with a small, cramped theatre with bad sight-lines. The orchestra pit in the new musiktheater is the largest in Austria and the seats are not only comfortable – every single one of them has a great view of the stage.

The state-of-the-art opera house is the place to go to see opera, musicals and ballet when visiting the city. Productions range from the classics such as Carmen and the Ring Cycle to Les Miserables and The Who’s Tommy.


MusikvereinFlickr/Koichi IIJIMA (Public Domain)

Considered one of the best concert halls in the world, the acoustics in Vienna’s Great Hall are a result of the architecture and shape of the hall rather than acoustic paneling. The main hall seats 1700 with room for 300 more to stand. Smaller venues in the building are also used for concerts.

Musikverein is home to the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra, which was founded in 1842. Members are chosen from the Vienna State Opera Orchestra and are only considered after a minimum of three years with the opera. The Philharmonic has been named the best in Europe and is extremely popular. Subscriptions to the concert series are waitlisted between six and 13 years, but single concert tickets are usually available in small numbers.

In addition to the Philharmonic, other orchestras and choirs make full use of the Musikverein and often three or four performances are available every day of the week. The halls can be rented and private performances are sometimes given.

Theater an der Wien

For more than 200 years, theatre, opera and symphonies have performed in this beautiful, historic building. It was a favourite venue for Beethoven and he was so enamoured of the theatre that he actually lived in it while he was composing Fidelio. In 2006 the theatre became a full-time performance hall for opera and classical music, with concerts featuring Handel, Debussy and many other well-known musicians.

Today’s performances include dance and chamber music as well as opera and symphonies. The Vienna Philharmonic plays there as does the Vienna Symphony. A youth ensemble uses the stage and musical theatre is still occasionally performed.

Konzerthaus Andrea Puggioni

The stately building opened in 1913 and was designed as a house for music festivals. The original building had three sound-proofed halls to allow simultaneous concerts and a fourth was added in the 1997 renovation. The Vienna Symphony, Vienna Singakademie (mixed choir) and the Vienna Chamber Orchestra are all resident performers at the concert house.

In keeping with the goal of presenting a broad mix of music, you are as likely to find a folk ensemble as a Mozart quartet when visiting. Many mini music festivals and contests are also held in the Concert House.


RadioKulturhausBy Manfred Werner - Tsui (CCbySA3.0) via WikiMedia

Mozart, jazz, modern pop and local artists have all wowed the crowds at the versatile Culture House. Concerts are sometime broadcast on the radio while literary talks are normally for small audiences only.

If you are in the mood for a more modern concert, check out the listing at the RadioKulturhaus and you may find a big name musician playing in this funky, modern venue.


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