Vienna is referred to as the heart of Europe due to its central position. As such, it also happens to be a bit of a heart-stealer as well. Couples come to this romantic and beautiful city and they both end up falling in love with Vienna. While being wooed in the city, couples will want a sensual place to retire to after a long date - and the city does not disappoint. Those looking to visit Vienna on their next romantic getaway will want to try and book one of these five sexy hotel rooms.

1. Maria Theresia Suite at the Hotel Imperial

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The Hotel Imperial was originally built in 1863 as the Vienna residence for the Prince of Wurttemberg. Although that is no longer the case, they have kept the regal decor and atmosphere from the building's royal roots. Everything in the Hotel Imperial is luxurious and elegant, right down to the fixtures. Although all of the rooms are a treat, when it comes to romance, the Maria Theresia Suite cannot be beat. The suite sits on the top floor of the hotel overlooking the city below. Its classical furnishings capture a historical charm, but it is the peach and cream walls with bright red accents on the bed spread and floor that really gives the room a romantic atmosphere. Lovers can enjoy butler service, Bulgari bath products in the marble bathroom and complimentary chocolates and flowers.

2. The Suite in Das Triest

Das Triest is Vienna's first boutique hotel, offering a unique blend of contemporary style and laid back luxury. Although it's the favourite low-key retreat of visiting rock stars, Das Triest is rather small - so small that they only host one suite, which is easily their most romantic room. The suite hosts pure white walls and floors accented with rich reds, blacks and warm wood in the furniture. What makes Das Triest and their suite so romantic is its close proximity to the famous Christmas markets in Vienna. The suite overlooks the surrounding markets and the scent of cinnamon and nutmeg waft through the windows from November through to Christmas. The hotel is also close enough that those couples that have had a bit too much mulled wine can walk back easily.

3. The Magic Flute Suite in the Hotel Sacher Wien Dominik Bartsch

Since its establishment in 1876, the Sacher Wien Hotel has been synonymous with luxury in the city. It's elegant decor and world class service has made it a favourite among discerning visitors and couples that seek the best possible experience in Vienna. The top floors of the hotel host the beautiful suites, but the Magic Flute Suite, named after Mozart's famous opera, hosts the best view and the best atmosphere for romance. During the day, the yellow walls give it a cheery air, but come sundown, the dim lights and fireplace give off a gentle glow, perfect for having a glass of wine by the fire or gazing out over the city through the large windows. The massive bathtub alone is enough reason for couples to flock to this suite - they could spend hours in it and never want for space. The elegant furnishings, magnificent views and complimentary services make this one of the sexiest hotels in Vienna for the visiting couple.

4. The X-Ordinary Suite in The Ring Hotel

The Ring Hotel is the magnificent flagship of a growing new trend among hotels in Vienna called 'casual luxury'. They don't have the overly posh furnishings of Hotel Sacher Wien or Hotel Imperial, but they are by no means less elegant. They keep the design of their decor simple and contemporary, made of the finest materials and using muted neutral tones with brief splashes of colourful accents. The X-Ordinary Suite in the hotel demonstrates casual luxury in the best possible form. Guests get all the complimentary services brought by the overly luxurious establishments and a stylish room, but don't have to feel like they are in a castle. What makes the X-Ordinary Suite so coveted for lovers is the view. The Ring hosts magnificent view over the famous Viennese Ringstrasse.

5. Any Suite at the Palais Coburg Residenz

The Palais Coburg Residenz is one of the most sought after stays within Vienna, because those who manage to book a room there are sure to see their lover absolutely swoon. The building is a testimony to outstanding architecture, a marvel that has stood witness to 600 years of Viennese history. The Palais Coburg Residenz does not differentiate between its rooms so it is hard for visitors to choose which one they want. However, any of the 34 individually decorated, highly sophisticated suites are perfect for a romantic stay. Visitors can enjoy the elegant decor of their room, excellent service and have the romantic dinner of a lifetime within their walls. Outside, lovers can explore the beautiful gardens before heading out in the city. It is certainly enough luxury to make visitors feel like a pair of courting aristocrats.