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Israel’s entertainment, shopping and dining venues have taken a decidedly ‘steamy’ turn...
The country’s original train stations in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv have recently emerged as new entertainment and event hot spots.

Jerusalem's historic Ottoman-era First Station reopened earlier this year as a major entertainment complex, boasting a host of restaurants, art galleries, concert spaces and cultural events. The complex is currently hosting ‘Train World 2013’, a new exhibition showcasing more than 40 large-scale model steam, diesel and electric trains from around the world.  

Alternatively, Ha Tachana, Tel Aviv's train-station-turned-fashion-and-design-Mecca, is offering a series of unique events and attractions, including the ‘Time Machine’, a unique 3D multimedia and hologram experience that takes travellers back in time to the sites of Israel's original train line that connected Tel Aviv with Jerusalem. The station will also host this year’s Tel Aviv Fashion Week.

The new train station complexes are a prime example of the dynamic mix of history and contemporary attractions that are to be found in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. Both complexes are open year-round, offering a vast selection of high-end restaurants, boutique art galleries, craft stores and events.

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