Alaska’s newest wellness experience made its grand debut last month. Alyeska Nordic Spa invites bathers 18 and older to check into its expansive 50,000-square-foot indoor-outdoor spa. Located in the resort town of Girdwood, some 65 kilometres from Anchorage, it is the state’s first and only hydrotherapy facility.Alyeska Nordic SpaAlyeska Nordic Spa

For the uninitiated, Scandinavian-style hydrotherapy involves raising the body’s temperature in a steam room or sauna to stimulate blood flow and relax the muscles. Next, the body is rapidly cooled with cold water (typically in the form of a plunge pool or bucket shower) to flush toxins. A period of rest follows, and the hot-cold-relax cycle is repeated two to three times, leaving guests with a mellow “body buzz.”@kristianirey@kristianirey

“We’re thrilled to finally welcome guests to experience the blissful and unique offerings of a Nordic spa in Alaska,” said General Manager Melissa LaRose. “The spa seamlessly integrates within the stunning and tranquil northern rainforest, offering an ideal space to relax and reconnect with nature, yourself and others. We are immensely proud to share this all-encompassing wellness experience.”

Alyeska Nordic Spa's official mid-April opening marked the completion of phase one, featuring three warm hydrotherapy pools, three cold pools (including a waterfall) and a Signature sauna. Massage therapy is available, and 60-minute sessions include options like aromatherapy, CBD oil or a deep tissue focus. Blissfully, all massage appointments include access to the Nordic spa.

Additional luxury amenities include cozy lounge areas, outdoor heated walkways, fleece-lined bathrobes, elegantly appointed changerooms and an exfoliation cabin.

Guests feeling peckish can visit Two Trees Bistro, an on-site dining experience focused on local offerings. The menu is curated by Chef Wes Choy and offers a selection of wine, cocktails and wellness-oriented beverages.

Alyeska Resort / Kristian IreyAlyeska Resort / Kristian IreyAlyeska Resort / Kristian IreyAlyeska Nordic Spa

Alyeska Nordic SpaAlyeska Nordic Spa

Alyeska Nordic SpaAlyeska Nordic Spa

Phase two, opening this summer, expands the wellness experience to include a Finnish sauna and aromatherapy-infused steam rooms. A third and final phase is scheduled to open later in 2022, adding an elevated boardwalk through the Chugach Forest, six wooden tubs, two Alaskan barrel saunas and two Banya-style saunas. 

The Nordic Spa can be visited for a day of wellness or as the perfect complement to an overnight or multi-night stay at Alyeska Resort, Alaska’s premier, year-round ski destination.

Entry costs $79USD per person. Most guests stay three to four hours; re-entry is not permitted. Reservations are highly recommended.