OrcasPrince of Whales
If you’re crossing between Victoria and Vancouver, there is a new boat in town that can help you to make the very most of your time on this beautiful body of water.

OrcaPrince of WhalesThe Strait of Georgia is a gorgeous stretch of water that’s worth taking the time to discover, so why not blend your crossing with some sea life-watching aboard a Prince of Whales’ vessel?

This is not a boat trip for people who are in a hurry: it’s for those who have the time for an extraordinary adventure.

You never know what you may be lucky enough to see… Perhaps one of the rare Pacific white-sided dolphins that began frolicking in the Strait during the 1980s, or a great blue heron or two as they return to their nesting ground on the Gulf Islands.

While traveling past the lush Gulf Islands, it’s worth keeping your eyes peeled for the otters, sea lions and seals that bask along their shores.

But the main event of the boat ride has to be the whale sightings. The Prince of Whales’ vessels are primarily searching for killer whales and humpback whales, but a few other species of these gentle giants of the deep may pop up from time to time.