Mexican Sunsets
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Palm trees, sandy beaches and lapping waves all conjure up ideal images of sunset-watching in paradise. These seven beaches, hotels and restaurants offer the best views to catch the sun’s descent in Mexico.

Sunset at Lovers beach
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A frothy white tide spills from the pure blue ocean. Waves dance around a tall slice of beige rock known as “Neptune’s Finger.” The horizon stretches across the Pacific, granting one of the most spectacular settings to catch a scenic sunset in Mexico. Lovers Beach is not accessible by land; the easiest and cheapest way to arrive is via water taxi from Medano Beach. The boat ride can also take you through El Arco, Cabo’s famous arch, for some stunning photographs on your way to the beach. More adventurous vacationers can rent sea kayaks and paddle their way to Lovers Beach. Although this may all sound incredibly secluded and romantic, you will most likely have to share the view with other families, friends and swimmers. This is a place where everyone is invited to enjoy Mexico’s heavenly beauty.

Isla Holbox, Quintana Roo Sunset
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This small island off the coast of mainland Mexico is located two hours northwest of Cancun. It is a prime kite surfing destination as well as a haven to escape the craziness of Cancun. It’s common to see Mexican fisherman coming back from a day at sea, fresh catch in hand. The city’s streets are made of white sand and rarely see motor vehicles. This island has not yet been spoiled by mass tourism, as it is more difficult to get to. Stunning sunsets cast an orange glow over rickety docks and small boats that rock gently in the waves. Look for tiki-pole lanterns or enjoy a classic margarita with an undisturbed beach view.

Puerto Penasco, Sonora
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The area known as Rocky Point is a popular vacation spot for Arizonians, granting it the nick-name "Arizona's beach." Puerto Penascro is the closest coastal city to Phoenix, Tucson and Yuma, Historically a small fishing village, Rocky Point is located just 60 miles south of the border. Today it boasts luxurious resorts perched along the Sea of Cortez. Despite hosting five-star accommodation and restaurants, Puerto Penasco still exudes the simplistic charms of a small town. The turquoise waters and relaxed atmosphere yield breathtaking views any time of day, but the best time to watch is at dusk, when the sun is setting.

El Cid Castilla Beach Hotel, Mazatlan
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As one of the taller buildings in the resort town Mazatlan, El Cid’s top-floor rooms offer pristine ocean views. Watch the sun go down from the comfort of your private suite or hike to the El Faro Lighthouse for postcard-perfect views. Surrounded by sea, sand and stunning sunsets, this is truly an idyllic way to experience Mexican paradise.

Downtown Mexico City Sunset
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There are a number of rooftop bars located in the Condesa neighbourhood of Mexico City. The Roma and Condesa districts are known for their artsy, bohemian vibe. The area is mostly residential, making it a peaceful escape from Mexico City’s hectic downtown. Local art galleries, markets and boutique shops are all within walking distance. There are several elegant restaurants to choose from, including the Condesa DF Roof Longue which has an amazing view, especially at sundown. Settle onto one of the circular couches beneath crème-coloured umbrellas and sip a cocktail as the sun descends. The Cucumber Mezcal Mojito is highly recommended.

Bahia del Palmar Sunset
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Rather than watch the sun set behind the ocean, Picante Cruises invites you to get on top of the water yourself. This cruise picks up participants right from their hotel and drops them off afterwards. The boat leaves Zihuatanejo Puerto Mio dock at 5 p.m. in the winter months and 6 p.m. in summer. There is an open bar on board, so you can enjoy drinks and snacks while taking in the coastal views of La Ropa Beach and Bahia del Palmar before heading out to sea to catch the sunset.

Zicatela Beach Sunset
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This Pacific surf town in the southern state of Oaxaca features all the perks of the surfing lifestyle: lazy days, laid-back personalities, chilled-out beaches and unparalleled ocean sunsets. Playa Zictela is Puerto Escondido’s main beach. The surf break along the beach is known as “The Pipeline of Mexico.” There are a number of hippie bars, local restaurants, small shops and hotels along the beach to cater to tourists, the majority of whom tend to be Scandinavian. Whether you’re in the water or on shore, watching the sun go down behind specks of surfers in the waves is the perfect way to end your day in Mexico.