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The two best things about flying into Madrid are that you land at an architectural marvel of an airport, and second, you literally find yourself smack dab in the middle of Spain. Being in such a central hub means you're just a short flight away from so many great cities. Since Madrid is such a convenient connection, why limit your holiday to just one city? We've queued up 7 trending destinations to choose from that are all less than 80 minutes flight time from the capital.



For Food & Festivals

View on Peniscola  from the top of Pope Luna's  Castle , Valencia, Spain.maylat - Fotolia

This port city in the southeast of Spain is also where you’ll get to enjoy some of the most delicious paella in the country, since the classic dish originated in the Valencia region. Visit in March for a raucous week of celebration when the city hosts Las Fallas, one of the biggest festivals in all of Spain. Those who want to take a break from the city can enjoy the tranquility and wildlife of nearby Albufera National Park.



For Moorish-Spain

alhambra granada rabe monumento andaluca roja murallas general life arcos arcodiegolicheh - Fotolia

Granada lies in the Andalusia region of Spain with the snowcapped Sierra Nevada mountain range serving as a picturesque backdrop. Couscous, hookahs and spices reveal the heavy North African influence and add to the blend of perfect chaos that makes this city so intriguing. A must visit is the Alhambra fortress and after getting lost in the narrow winding streets, enjoy an Arab bath ritual at one of the city’s Hammans.



For Flamenco

Colorful Flamenco dresses in Spainjorisvo

West of the Guadalquivir River is the colourful Triana district where you’re sure to see some of the flamenco culture Seville is famous for. In addition to a buffet selection of delicious tapas, you’ll find the largest cathedral and the oldest bullring in the country. Another iconic landmark is the impressive square, Plaza de España, which some might recognize from the set of Star Wars: Episode II – Attack of the Clones. 



For Art & Fine Dining

gugenheim bilbao spainPixabay

Thanks to the eye-catching Guggenheim Museum, a city once primarily known as an industrial port now attracts culture-seeking travellers. In Bilbao, you can expect a memorable dining experience at one of the many Michelin restaurants where a talented food scene impresses both locals and visitors. Despite thriving innovation, old traditions are very much present in the city and best seen in August during the celebrations of Semana Grande



For Nightlife

Amnesia Ibiza Club Spain Global ClubAmnesia, (CC by 2.0)

Ibiza takes the cake as the biggest party island in all of Spain - Europe, really - and there’s plenty of reason for the destination’s popularity. Synonymous with five star resorts, luxury parties and world-famous DJs, Ibiza’s legendary nightlife doesn't disappoint. Those on a budget or looking for some quiet can step off the beaten track to enjoy secluded beaches, learn about ancient history and bask in Ibiza's lesser-known, peaceful side.


A Coruña

For Coastal Cosmopolitan

A Coruña  Tower of Hercules in A Coruna, Galicia, Spain.Anibal Trejo

A Coruña's cliffs and beaches make up the stunning coastline of this unique peninsula. Whether you’re a surfer, sailor, cruise fan or fashionista, you’ll fit in with the diverse crowd of this city where global brands like Zara were born. Wander the harbour to spot some of the biggest and most impressive sail boats that often gather in A Coruña for Tall Ships Races. The Tower of Hercules, an ancient Roman lighthouse adds to the contrast between the city's old and new.



Get off the Beaten Path

samil beach spain vigoSamil Beach | Javier Castro

One of the many benefits of visiting this fishing port is the abundance of fresh seafood you’ll get to dine on. Vigo’s scenic trails also make it a perfect destination for nature lovers, as do the nearby Cies Islands which boast some of Europe's best beaches. You won’t want to leave town without sampling the traditional Queimada punch, an alcoholic drink prepared in a clay pot and then lit to reveal bright blue flames.


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